My RT button does not work anymore

After this update my control does not work RT
Before it was just put the skill on the second flap and ready.Now it is no longer .......... I want it solved soon.


  • Jumping in as well. right trigger button on controllers can no longer be mapped and does not work. Like others have mentioned, RT is a pretty critical button for people playing with controllers. Please fix!
  • I concur with the OP. Been playing TERA since Closed Beta Test 2 (2/2012), and have always used a gamepad. I would place my "evasive" skill for the different classes on the Right Trigger (RT), so having this skill slot "removed" is really affecting my game play. Hoping En Masse has already contacted the Devs about this issue and BlueHole is working on "fix" soon. I can't see any GOOD reason for removing the ability to use the RT skill slot. If anything, add more skill slots, not less...
  • sum1sum1
    Controller user who uses RT a lot checking in. Pls help.
  • Got an answerish from support, and while they didn't really answer my issue, but she gave me a somewhat workaround, and basically we have to sacrifice a keybind and rebind it. Assign the skill you want to use on to your main template, like, say, Backstab on to F9. So if you go in to your controller options, (back button on XBox controller) you'll see all the controller bindings. Then, while in your controller settings, scroll down to Upper 9, (or whatever button you put your skill on) click on the preset option to clear it, then use your RT, hit enter, then make sure to Apply/OK at the bottom to save it. This should fix the issue, and you can remap any skills and buttons like that. This is really only viable if you have an extra slot open on your main page template, since it won't recognize anything on the 2 or 3 skillbar template any more.

    I hope this helps, but it is frustrating still that they don't pay a lot of attention to controller users when they do updates like this.
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