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DPS Discrepancy in Endgame Dungeons



    I am proxy user ( im from Brazil) and my dps dont exceed the north american DPS, my last GLSH i've done in 8 min, iam full +2, level 69, im not a hack =)
  • voidyvoidy ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited May 2019
    My point: This game make you feel bad and useless for not contributing at dungeon because legit players only contribute 10-20% in total while hackers do 80-90% of the work.

    1. Scale your dungeon/world boss accordingly with the right gear stats
    2. Remove hackers and let all every tera players finally have a taste of what tera truly offer

    None of this is true. You're projecting your own skill level onto the majority. This game's old. There are guides everywhere. Video guides, too. It's not hard to get experience. Especially in PvE, where everyone has a vested interest in you getting good anyway. If you haven't already, join a guild and express an interest in improving. People are so bored they'll probably invite you just for the novelty of having someone new to take under their wing.

    Your suggestions make me sad. Option 1 is asking them to do something they've ALREADY DONE so much already: making dungeons so easy that they aren't even fun anymore. I'd rather they just have three modes for dungeons. Hard mode, normal mode, and easy mode. People who are still learning can just go to easy mode until they're ready to actually try out the real challenges, while people who're used to these challenges can jump right in without having their fun ruined as well. But alas, bluehole clearly doesn't give a [filtered], so here we are. Option 2, removing anyone who uses third party tools, is one that they tried to do as well. It went so poorly that EU actually got a player boost from NA players jumping ship, and EME had to walk the decision back after they correctly realized that most third party tools are quality of life mods or tools to compensate for high ping. tbh, I still don't think the population's ever fully bounced back from that blunder. So many people either quit permanently or went to EU and never looked back.

    By the way, I'm not denying that there ARE certainly cheaters in the top ranks. But the difference isn't anywhere near as big as you're making it sound, and the cases where it is noticeable (like the zerk speedhackers) are generally banned asap because people who take dps rankings seriously will report them nonstop. The kinds of discrepancies you're concerned about, assuming everything else like gear and ping and skill are equal, are a few percentage points -- the kind of thing you'd only notice with a dps meter. But that's a third party program, and you certainly wouldn't use those, right? ;)

    People saying 30-40 minutes to clear a dungeon is bad clearly don't IMS enough. I'd call a 30 minute IMS run a success, because most of the people I meet in there never have proper crystals, mash spacebar through their rotation, use LMB skills instead of bothering with chains, and clearly don't have any glyphs in use or consumables running. The healer also dies a ton (generally) and has no idea how to keep the rest of the group topped off. Everything goes wrong. I'd never run IMS unless I had 2 hours cleared in my schedule because you really never know who you'll get and it could be anyone. Talking about actual dungeons, not stuff like kalivan's challenge, but I carried a LOT of runs on my tank, many times doing more damage than the actual damage dealer classes, and I had plenty of those same people (in level 30 crystals and spamming left click) call me a hacker for just knowing how to play the game when they clearly didn't. I think most of us have been there, and it's why this thread's gonna see some hard resistance so good luck OP. xd
  • sure he did not read guides of his class except
    or was not a guild will help

    unfortunately a party is 5 people so you have heroic +3 you'll get bored if your party does not know mechanics or rotations

    because you think they go out partying already know first boss if they do not kill in 10 minutes is a waste of time

    prefers to make legion after creating lfg
    Eye does not invite anyone to inspect it before inviting him to the party

    The real problem of the game is that people are not wasting their time helping someone start ... less than anyone who does not read any guide, it is advisable to be guild to help you with your class.

    not so that it helps you to have everything full heroic that already depends on your effort
    Perseverance while you play and decision guild if it helps or not.

    nobody forces you to have full heroic
    It depends on you how far you want to go. It's just that you know mechanics and your rotation. The guide of your class is enough
    when you master that you yourself will realize if you continue at a party or leave a party
  • ActivaActiva ✭✭
    this kinda paranoic but okay
  • fromsector7fromsector7 ✭✭✭
    if you love TERA ..learn to play ... if dont wanna learn , go to cry to another game . THIS IS TERA!!!
  • MargaretRoseMargaretRose ✭✭✭✭✭
    if you love TERA ..learn to play ... if dont wanna learn , go to cry to another game . THIS IS TERA!!!

  • 30-40 min per run ? It is obvious that all of your party is a new to the game and has no idea how to play with class and dungeon. You should stop making false accusations about hackers and use that time to watch a guide about your class and dungeon. LOL Cry_Me_A_River.gif
  • TheCatalystTheCatalyst ✭✭✭
    OP: Why when this healer is around, all of sudden the dungeon run goes faster? He must've hacked the game.
    Healer: *Regress/ Plague of Exhaustion the boss*
    Healer: *Thrall/ Edict of Judgement the boss to death*
    OP: HAXXXX!!

  • fromsector7fromsector7 ✭✭✭
    OP: Why when this healer is around, all of sudden the dungeon run goes faster? He must've hacked the game.
    Healer: *Regress/ Plague of Exhaustion the boss*
    Healer: *Thrall/ Edict of Judgement the boss to death*
    OP: HAXXXX!!


    add : dps slaying = hax
    dps evading attack from boss = hax

    on several occasions I saw dps using ONLY basic dps attacks and random skills attack in dungeon like Dark Reach Citadel . they are legit players ?
  • TechGuyTechGuy ✭✭
    well, one of the main discrepancy is the use of "paid" scripts and the people with less than 80, even 50ms using proxy along with those, sadly the proxy is kinda a gateway not for only that but also for a lot of very nasty crap, and even if you are not using a paid script if you say proxy+skill preditcion doesnt boost your dps by a [filtered] ammount compared to a regular, "legit" player, you my friend are delusional, and the proof is that you cant play this game anymore without it.

    anyway getting rid of it will make almost all the brazilians and south americans quit because "they cant play", which makes me wonder how they managed to play and clear content before all this proxy crap but yeah this proxy hacking is going rampant, they really should make something about it, just look at all those fishing bots running fishing scripts and all the nice exploits the proxy is the root cause of.

    and btw I play this game with a really [filtered] ping of 120~100 and yes, I cannot put the [filtered] dps some of the scripts users do, even brazilians with worse ping than me, but hey I can play fairly well, I mean I played like this for years, but again there will be always people who need to have an advantage at all costs(dps boosts, dungeon guides), or the ones with the mentality of "0 ping is better than 20 ping", and that, well, cant be helped, people gonna cheat if they can.

    hopefully someone really take a look on this issues @CobaltDragon
  • gheneaghenea ✭✭
    went there, done that
    you just go past all the ethical discussions about proxy usage and plain up jump on ditching it claiming people use "awful exploits!!!!" to obtain "unfair" advantages, which gets reported and banned fairly quickly... and if it doesnt, well, eme fault.

    free sp, or even paid sp, just lets you play the game as if it was intended to be played, or better, like you would play it if krafton ever bothered implementing a client-side skill prediction or why not?, stopped introducing class skills that heavily rely on ping like bh or bf...
    but people talking down on proxy will not understand/pretend they do not understand that at all, and just go on ranting without any real reason to.

    a mentality like that could not be changed and there is not really any purpose in trying to argue to defend legit proxy users against people white knighting evident game flaws and saying "i play with 200ms just fine" - would be nice to know what dungeons they run and what gears they have, or if they just afk in hw all day playing the broker to buy costumes B)
    if they are so clean to the point they do not even use a dps meter, i wonder why they complain about people having higher dps than them, they are not even supposed to know, after all! wink wink
  • CornishRexCornishRex ✭✭✭✭✭
    My friend, let me tell you a short story. I used to play on NA with 160-120 ping. My dps was average. I started using skill prediction. My dps got a lot better.
    I transferred to EU. I have 20 ping. I used sp for a while out of habit, my dps was great. I STOPPED using sp because of ghosting and other wonky things. My dps didn't change.

    Sp barely makes a difference at low ping. Not talking about paid scripts ofc.

    Another thing about you commenting and wondering how brs used to play the game but now they can't play it without sp. The thing is, Koreans started setting up standards that were crazier and crazier than before. Much more intense dps checks, shields, timers, a lot more attack speed both for players and bosses, cooldown reduction through the roof etc. The game used to be a whole lot slower and required a lot less input and hpm from players.
    Did you play tera eu classic? You would have noticed there - the difference between 150-30 ping was barely noticeable, lower ping just felt a tad smoother but the advantage wasn't as insane. Compare it to current version of the game where everyone is insanely fast, of course not playing with sp and 200 ping would be torture, especially after you got used to playing the game the way Koreans do, the way it was meant to be played.

    Tera used to be a lot simpler, and it used to require less effort from players. Hell, servers took MONTHS to clear mch, nowadays all the new dungeons get cracked within hours and if I dare say, there have been hard modes more challenging than mch.
  • on several occasions I saw dps using ONLY basic dps attacks and random skills attack in dungeon like Dark Reach Citadel . they are legit players ?

    I remember doing LKNM on my Lancer late 2016, and challenged myself to only use combo attack.

    I was highest DPS.
  • XandervbXandervb ✭✭✭
    Most of the time u will get quened with hackers (1 or 2 that carry the entire dungeon) that takes about 5-10mins to clear a dungeon [Even if u have the best gear your dps/heal compared to them is thrash]

    This is pretty much self-explanatory. If you queue for anything more difficult than Channelworks, you are still a newbie and your rotation is probably trash (as it is for 90% of other IM players who just wait to be carried). DPS boost from ping reduction is 5-15% at best for NA player. If someone deals 5x more damage than you, you need to git gud.

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