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How to get Veilthroch

Hi all,as the title says I am trying to get this material and I would like to know the best way to farm it,I don't see it in the bellicarum or the metamorphic shop and I am not getting any from the dungeons that have it listed as a possible drop(I am running RRH and GLSNM,is there a dungeon that drops it more reliably than these perhaps?).

I got a piece from farming BAMS after several days but that's about it...so how do you guys farm this thing? Thanks in advance.


  • Best bet is to farm dungeons that drop it during double drop.
    But honestly, they reduced the drop rate of veils heavily.

    RKH/E is also a good source, quick and easy.

    Since the level 70 patch hit, I have dropped 28 veils from basilisks and only seen 4 drop in dungeons during that time.
  • dragonmu12dragonmu12 Israel ✭✭✭
    Rk-9 Kennel hard Mode (When is Last boss "Exteme Mode" Activated) And Antaroth Abyss Hard Mode is the best way to get Veilthroch
    the dungeons you running have low chance to drop veil
    the dungeons i listed have high drop rate of Veil so Run them.
  • Oki so GV,RH9H and AAHM...never ran them so I will try to focus on learning the easiest one,and kill basilisks between runs hoping to get some.Thanks a lot for the replies guys : )
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