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Drop rate mask

I did 21 runs on red refuge hard with the drop event incremented, and I didn't see the mask drop ... other friends also did a lot of runs, and they didn't see the mask drop ... do 21 runs with active event and see drop 0 mask, for me this is not normal ... because in addition to drop, you must have luck in the roll ...so there is some problem with the rate drop?


  • its red refuge hard mode, did you do the hard mode?
  • tisnotmetisnotme ✭✭✭✭
    MattOsiris wrote: »
    its red refuge hard mode, did you do the hard mode?
    xXshiroeXx wrote: »
    I did 21 runs on red refuge hard
  • yes, i have run on hard mode
  • I've done about 16 myself and 0 mask have dropped.
  • My friend did two runs and got a mask to drop to both times, seen other people run multiple times and get no drops. RNG At it's finest.
  • MiliceMilice ✭✭
    Yeeah.. i farmed for months for my mask so it's incredibly bad unless you are lucky as hell or have a full static party that are willing to pass the mask for ya
  • RNG aside, mask drop is really low everywhere but Bahaar.

    Did 80~ GLSN and saw probably 1 or 2 masks on my zerker, while on my lancer i got all 4 masks (bitter, powerful, keen and energetic) in 15 runs, and still out-rolled people on every single one. Bahaar drops almost every run on DD, pretty common even without.
  • CandyMomokoCandyMomoko ✭✭✭
    Yeah mask droprate afte the loot table change is even more bs that it used to be.
  • Drop rate is very low and when drop someone roll without need because want to sell, EME should increase drop rate mask in all dungeon and remove sell value.
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