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The amount of fellowship you get is RNG. In fact I used a grade 10 for my Superior Loo and got 0 Fellowship. Once you promote your partner to grade 10, you CAN NOT earn any more fellowship. Fellowship is used for the active skill to get power. (Max power you can get is 40 with superior as long as you have 50 fellowship). The problem is that it's even worse the higher fellowship you have as you may not even get any at all. Once you hit the max grade or attempts to promote your partner, you are screwed of any power stats. Can we see a change to this where there's a consumable to increase fellowship as well? I mean [filtered] man. I don't want to buy another superior partner AND GOD FORBID try to craft one. I tried 4 times today and failed at level 10 pet to convert into a partner.

TLDR: fix this bull system or allow us to increase fellowship with a consumable.


  • 66ECX7NAN766ECX7NAN7 ✭✭✭✭
    I guess once you get a grade 10 partner you're supposed to collect more grade 10 partners and eventually have a partner you level using only grade 10 partners, basically endless grind.
  • MorokuMoroku ✭✭✭
    Even with grade 10 it still a CHANCE to get more. Meaning if you pour all your gold and all your money, it's still RNG to get max fellowship. Which is complete BS
  • MorokuMoroku ✭✭✭
    @CobaltDragon can we get a rework or send a suggestion to BHS to change this system?
  • ChristinChristin ✭✭✭✭
    Lots of people are making so many mistakes and doing everything wrong. It would be really nice if there was some type of guide or information for us before we end up messing up all of our pets.
  • SerenadeSerenade ✭✭
    edited May 2019
    I've seen a guide from a KTera player that absolutely recommends using non-upgraded partners as fodder for your primary partner rather than bothering to level 10 the fodder. It also recommends joining two pets and just using your money to buy companion boxes (has about a 33% chance of dropping a pet) rather than evolution stones:

    EU, too, has forum threads that suggest it might be better to gamble RNG with level 1 pets instead of using expensive level 10s as fodder (and still gambling with RNG, because Krafton hates players).

    None of us knows the rates, though; given that you can upgrade 9 companions with the resources saved from not upgrading fodder and take the best one, and just how many people in EU and KR are burned by level 10 pets, I'm tempted to trust them on this one. The chances for a level 10 pet to give 5-6 fellowship would have to be drastically higher than 0 to be worth it, and so far that's not what we're seeing at all.

    (Also, blue companions are not much worse than superior companions, as long as you hit the 180 second mark on the buff, so rarity of superior companions isn't really a factor either).
  • ChristinChristin ✭✭✭✭
    Thanks for the guide. At least he's honest.

    At least the loot boxes are tradable. Whew.

    This makes me feel better as I ate up a lot of rabbits to get a few partners to feed. smh I should have leveled them up first though. Although, I am really not a patient person.
  • SerenadeSerenade ✭✭
    edited May 2019
    The difference between a superior and a rare partner is literally just 1 power (and 10 sec. duration, but that's moot if you have at least 180). So it's probably a good idea to enchant rare ones as well. Worse case scenario, you now have a 10 grade fodder.

    It's unrealistic to only aim for 50 or even 45+, superior only, since you're now adding a major time gate on top of something that is purposely designed to be near impossible.
  • I'm confused and now I don't know what to do, at first I made a mistake and I threw more than 20 pets combining them to lvl1 and I got 4 partners ... so I started looking for some guide but I didn't find many details , I also opened some lootbox to recover some pets,

    now I have 7 normal pets, not all registered,
    felicity and raine with skills,
    Marie (rare) grade4 fellow11 (urgent recovery II),
    kuncun (uncommon) grade1 (backup fisherman I),
    now I've just found Loo (superior) with autoloot and I haven't registered it yet, so I still don't know which passive skill ...

    now I don't know what to do, whether to continue with marie or loo? at grade 4 having 11 fellowships is very little?
    for me if you see that the fellowship is too low, it is not good to go partner grade10, it is better to stop first, like the grade6-7 ...
    also for you which are the best passive skills for a main partner, the barrier dmg?
    moreover the problem of the voucher to change passive skills and increase the list of pet, they are not tradable ...
    I am too confused, and now I stopped because I do not want to waste other pet / partners, obviously I do not try to +45 fellowship , but I wouldn't even have the fellowship too low ...
    is there any more detailed guide? what should I do? =(
  • GunnerKaeGunnerKae (YouTube.com/tolate24) Kaelyni ✭✭
    @xXshiroeXx In my opinion, combining pets is a waste, due the the difficulty of acquiring more pets. It takes less than 30 minutes to gather the mats to craft an evolution core. Yes, the success chance for an evolution core to work is low but again...its harder to get more pets (unless you like buying boxes) so using half as many pets is good, it just may take a little more time.

    Your Marie is getting a pretty low roll for fellowship, I'm not sure I'd continue with it either, also not a huge fan of that skill. I would probably register the Loo and see what skill it gets.

    As far as a good passive skill its really personal preference. The barrier is very good if it triggers, also the fellowship skill could be very powerful on a pet with high fellowship.

    Dont let this overwhelm you, it looks like you're on the right track. Just play it smart and please don't combine pets with skills lol I've seen to many people lose the abilities that way...if you need any more help let me know, I may have written a bit of a pet guide so I can try and help you.
  • @GunnerKae thanks for the reply, i registered loo superior and as a passive skill he always gave me urgent recovery but this time it is lvl III ...
    and he also has the skill autopot, in the description he tells me that i can use healt potion and divine infusion, but in the settings of the pet it makes me put in all the potions, hp and mp, and I can adjust the%

    for the pets, I saw that they are difficult to take, I did about 30 runs on gv and I only got 3 legacy essence, besides the prices of the evolution core went down ...
    even if I don't buy the emp, I thought I could change passive skills in the future, as I always take the elite status in the tb, and this gives me 15 emp per day, now I have about 1000 emp ..
    but for the passive skills I have seen that the various partners can only find some passive skills, for example marie and loo cannot have the passive dmg barrier ...

    pet with skills, felicity and raine, I did not transfer skills and I do not combine them, if I can find a good partner I can transfer raine's auto-loot ability, and then use it to make another partner, but felicity I keep it I no want used to combine it, I would like to try to do some other partner and see what I find, but I could also be blocked for the list at max 10, my emp would not waste it, I take a long time to get it, not I understand why these items are not tradable...
  • GunnerKaeGunnerKae (YouTube.com/tolate24) Kaelyni ✭✭
    @xXshiroeXx interesting I did not know certain partners would not get the barrier, did you read this somewhere??
    Urgent recovery is probably a decent skill as long as it triggers.
  • xXshiroeXxxXshiroeXx ✭✭
    edited May 2019
    @GunnerKae before registering loo, in the description he showed me what passive skills he could get,
    moreover I have now seen on the quest where you have to take 8 legacy essence and so you get the partner, if you go to the quest and with the mouse arrow go over to the partner cocomin, it shows you the description, he has the barrier, but some passive skills that they have the other partners, he doesn't have them

    I also found this on tera EU

    Passive skill:
    *it maybe that the last partner "Loo" was wrong to write, it should be "cocomin"

  • GunnerKaeGunnerKae (YouTube.com/tolate24) Kaelyni ✭✭
    @xXshiroeXx ohhh i see. I've not had an unregistered partner yet, I've gotten all mine from evolution, and those are auto registered. Thank you so much for that information, I will add it to my guide.
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