Guild improvements.

Could the guild system be updated to be more interactive in some way? I like being in a guild but most of the members are just there and have little reason to engage each other.


  • gheneaghenea ✭✭
    what are you exactly asking for tho?
    you have guild quests to complete as team, if anything... true that, compared to other games i wont mention, being in a guild is far less of a "shared experience" than what you may expect, sadly.
    from what old players told me, you used to have guild castles to spend time in with guildmates/to try and achieve together, alliance quests and zones to explore together, gvg even on the pve servers that forced you to stick with your guildmates etc.
    at some point all that ended, no more guild castles for god knows what reason, no more alliances, gvg only on pvp servers, and being in a guild become just as pointless as having a banner near your name.

    to make up for that they introduced guild quests and guild buffs, but considering how stats are skyrocketing with this new patch, those max 5 power + 5 crit you get from being in a guild wont even be noticed unless you min/max.
    if you do cu you being in a guild still has a point somehow, but that is a very limited experience occurring once a week and honestly idek if it is any worth doing anymore either...

    if they added exp buffs or other valuable boosts it may be something, but wouldnt fix the issue of the low social interactions with members cause once they spent all the points in those new buffs there is no reason to get more points anymore.
    maybe you would want to join a specifically social or even rp guild if you are looking for friends to play game with.
  • GunnerKaeGunnerKae ( Kaelyni ✭✭
    I do agree there could be more things to make a guild more interactive, but part of that is on your guild and its leadership. There are many things you can do together, gaurdian events, party up and fight world bosses, achievement hunt, the list goes on.
    I also used to think I'd like to have guild castles back, but a few people in my guild decided we would pick a town to call "home" and what has come out of that I enjoy more. We have started making friends with other guilds who frequently hang out in the town, and more and more people are starting a sort of small community there. We run dungeons together, we help each other, and the 3 or 4 guilds interacting is even more fun.
  • gheneaghenea ✭✭
    guardian missions you take what, 15 mins to complete? you even need backup for it?
    world bosses... eh, if you mean field bosses, it is always the same 4/5 people taking em, so whats the point? you are gonna just make it faster for them if you party up to fight, while the "new" bams in ow are better of killing alone = more exp.
    achievement hunt... i doubt anyone bothers considering how much you need to grind now, no time anymore for pointless unrewarding quests.

    would have been nice if guild quests actually were quests that gave exp and/or items and you needed to complete em with guildmates only, but krafton stopped giving a sht about social side of the mmo ages ago.
  • 66ECX7NAN766ECX7NAN7 ✭✭✭✭
    If you have no desire to interact with people in your guild maybe you should find another guild where people share your interests...
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