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Exposing the rampant kicking system of battlegrounds in the PvP community



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    @counterpoint is that so

    I could not log in during that day at all tried so many times but after going somewhere else I now can. No matter though because all my character acc info has been erased so I think i take a break anyways.

    I think it is time to take my leave here and hand any policing in the future for other people. @The3rdPartyHunter that is exactly why I did not post here. did not want this to be deleted at all.

    For others here is the link discord.gg/78j45XA
    [Pc note: Link kept at the request of server owner]

    Like everyone else even people in that server I want PvP to succeed and have fun.. Maybe in alternative day one day it will all be fixed and people enjoy it now.

    For those who are doing these tasks and monitoring them. One hard advice: Do not leave your proxy around or update because it might one day mess everything up you never know.

    @39HATFDXLY My friend I will be happy too if SH happen every moment. I hope everyone move on and word together and do not go back to their malicious ways.

    Thank you all for following and reading and I do hope those types of people can feel a tiniest amount of remorse and change their ways. Maybe they will experience that when everyone joins its better for all.
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    You need your meds.
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    This has played itself out I think. Locking this for now
  • I just want to add a comment to this thread since people may notice and wonder what happened.

    Using duplicate forum accounts is against the Forum Rules. Even if you have multiple EME accounts, you may only use one of them to post on the forums. If your primary account is banned for whatever reason, you may not start posting on the forum using a different account. Trying to evade forum bans can result in action being taken against your overall EME account, including but not limited to account bans and account termination (as noted in the Terms of Service).

    I will also note, since some may wonder given the threads' contents, that this use of duplicate accounts was not limited to this thread (so it's not like they created the account just to post an anonymous exposé or something). Even if that were your intention... this forum isn't the right place for it.

    Last but not least, I will make this comment: some of the material in this thread is not true, but the underlying issues do exist to some degree. If someone would like to have a further conversation about this issue without the theatrics/drama, you could create a thread to discuss it, but please keep it civil.
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