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Insufficient Memory Error?



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    Also... is it normal for the repair patch to patch like a thousand times? I tried the suggestion where you move the TERA folder to the desktop then use the repair tool on it but every time a patch finishes, a new one starts and it's like neverending. What do?

    If I really have to redownload this game I'd rather just uninstall and never play it again because I think it took me like a whole day to install the original game and I don't want to do that ever again.

    Move it back exactly where you installed it. Don't ever move the folder on the disk drive manually unless you know what you are doing. Usually you'll have to rewrite registry entries to ensure that everything works properly after you change the location on a drive (and the desktop is considered a separate folder on your hard drive than where Tera would normally install).
  • Can one one help me with this same issue. My game crashed ONLY when im in a major city like velika and highwatch. 9/10 i dont get a error code but the 1 out of 10 times i do it calls insufficient memory. however, im on 64bit win 10 with a monster I7-8700K and 16gb of 2666mhz DDR4 ram and GTX 1070 8gb card why the [filtered] is this happening to me this has be going on for years now on multiple set of harware. not just this killer desktop.

  • Yeah, this is still a thing. Every time I'm in Velika or HIghwatch I get the system reducing texture resolution due to insufficient memory, and occasionally just crash out of the game. System is Win10x64, i7 8700K, GTX 1080 with 8GB VRAM and 32GB of RAM.

    I hadn't really played since 2013 but decided to have a look this year, and it's been fun in general, but his kind of problem which has obviously been around for many years with no resolution just makes me want to pick a different game.
  • any answer? i got 8700k prossesor with 1080TI 16G ram 3200 m.2 ssd and i get this ram issue
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    I got that bug too sometimes and I have 16gb and a 6gb RAM GPU so probably should not be having this problem, I did not fixed it but I'm having way less crashing after did this:

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