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Is normal this amount of DC?

Is normal to be DC everytime you are in a dungeon, doing quests etc? Is this what the server acts like? I am getting DC every 5-10 minutes. when I tried to reconnect it says I am already connected and then quicks me out completely and I have to relaunch from the beginning/


  • It's not normal. But, it seems like there's a group of players following a certain route into the server these days that are having this problem. I don't know yet what all these people have in common (same location, same ISP, same intermediary provider, etc.) but I do know there are a small group of people with this problem, and some of them used a VPN to work around it for now.

    The only thing you can do is to send your traceroute to diag.enmasse.com and diagnostic info to [email protected], and hope that with enough correlation of data, they can tell their service provider exactly where the problem is.
  • thank you friend
  • LapomkoLapomko ✭✭✭
    edited June 2019
    I had this issue with a certain network adapter that made it disconnect every 5-10minutes like you said only when playing Tera. Because this game is a garbage mess like how nocteniums send massive amount of data and cause freezes. I upgraded my motherboard because I went from 7700k to 8700k and don't have this issue anymore.
  • NheivNheiv ✭✭
    getting dc same as you, i talk to some people its seems affected by west coast of U.S.
  • LeucosiasLeucosias ✭✭
    edited June 2019
    Yo everyone, so I was one of the people who was stuck with 8kms during a double drop weekend(and the person who tried the VPN as a short term solution, thank you counterpoint for the suggestion!) I sent in my ticket with my diagnostic and traceroute to support, and lo and behold, it was a really simple fix that I wouldn't have thought of. I had even called my service provider and gotten a VPN for my easy fix, and Discodolly recommended that I renew my DNS and restart my router as explained in this troubleshooting article. Hopefully this helps even one of you?

    @counterpoint and @DiscoDolly my thanks goes out to you, I got to fail on my weapon a couple more times!

    edit : boom fixed the link to the article
  • So i never had dc in the last 5 years. But now, after the so called "maintenece" something went wrong. I got dc in every 1 min. Not to mention Velika server is a broken potato too these days.

    So any idea whats happening right now?
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