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Two Banquets // Braga Gone?

Hello! I just finally hit 65 on my archer and I'm trying to progress the Two Banquets questline. I finished all the quests about setting up my gear and completed restoring the eternal crown. The last thing said in my quests was I would get an invitation soon. I've completed all the available Two Banquets quests I had, but there's a large portion that remain unlocked. Braga is no where to be found to get my invitation and there's nothing in my quest log available. Any guidance on how to continue would be appreciated!


  • TheCatalystTheCatalyst ✭✭✭
    If im not mistaken u need to reach certain item level, which is 439.
  • If im not mistaken u need to reach certain item level, which is 439.

    Ahh, thank you! For some reason I thought it was 429.
  • So in my case of returning as well for a few days now.. my ilvl is 428 and pretty much are stuck. Would it be better to begin crafting? Because I'm in the exact same situation with having a huge chunk of Apex quests that can't be unlocked due to ilvl not being met.
  • GunnerKaeGunnerKae (YouTube.com/tolate24) Kaelyni ✭✭
    @Kogorii if your ilvl is 428 you still need to do the "gift for the goddess" quest. That will progress your gear to 439 then you can continue the apex quest line. You may need to hit 429 for that quest to open up??? Grab some inner armor if you dont have any, it should get you there.
  • KogoriiKogorii
    edited June 2019
    Hmm.. yeah I appeared to have completed all the quests from that point on down.
  • EllexemEllexem ✭✭✭
    Kogorii wrote: »
    Hmm.. yeah I appeared to have completed all the quests from that point on down.

    Did you use the enchanting scrolls those quests give you? You will get 6 weapon and 18 armor enchanting scrolls for the Guardian phase. Using those will get your 4 Guardian gear items to +6. You will then have received the materials to upgrade the items to Twistshard, along with the materials to upgrade all of your accessories. (Prospect to Bellum and the Belt.)

    You will further then have received Twistshard enchanting scrolls. Enough to get the four main slots to +9.

    To use the scrolls, unequip the item you wish to enchant. Right click the scroll, left click on the item. You should get a prompt to enchant the item, costing you nothing and always succeeding. Only those items that the scrolls are meant for will be targetable for them.

    If you did not upgrade anything during the quests then you might have an issue with your item XP, since 428 will not show the second tier vanguard ones that give the necessary item XP, so your success chance for the Frostmetal upgrade will not be 100% without maxed item XP, but that aside, you should also have received the necessary materials to upgrade the Twistshard items (weapon, chest, gloves, boots) to Frostmetal. (You can fix the lack of item XP by doing any of the Vanguards quests of your choice that give them. You just need about 1696 item XP, IIRC.)

    The upgrade steps you need to do manually. How do you do so?
    • Remove the crystals from the item. (Right-click the crystal, in case you don't know how, since that popped up in global the other day. Crystals have to be removed before an item can be upgraded.)
    • Unequip the item. (Which, again, can be done by right-clicking the item or by drag and dropping it into your inventory from your profile window.)
    • Press T to open the Forge window. Alternatively, click the left-most button at the bottom of your inventory window.
    • Right click the item you wish to upgrade. This will automatically put the Forge window on the Upgrade tab with the item placed in the slot.
    • Click Upgrade, provided you have the necessary upgrade materials in your inventory. (It will be disabled out if you do not have them.)
    • Click Apply and get a freshly enigmatic, upgraded item. You can once again set the effects as you wish to have them.
    • Keep placing the other items you wish to upgrade into the window until you have them all done.

    Note: Please be aware that upgrading an item will remove any etchings, will remove the second set of effects if they were bought (for those items that can have them, meaning you need to rebuy them again in that case), and any dyads bound to the item will no longer be usable (you can only fuse those into a new one, if you want to try to get any further use out of them, which is a very heavily RNG based thing).

    But if you did the A Gift for the Goddess quest line all the way to Lilith's Trial then you should have Frostmetal+0 gear and Bellum jewelry. Which is enough to get you to item level 439 even if you're just using the green quest given inner armor.

    If you did the A Gift For the Goddess quest line previously (you said returning, so that might have been the case), then I'm having a difficult time seeing how you could still be at 428, unless you didn't finish them, since those quests previously did increase the necessary item level to even unlock the further steps. (The Olivung steps would have required that you already have Twistshard gear, for instance, meaning you should have at least 431 to 433 to even have done those shown in the screenshot.)

    If you really did finish those quests and had just discarded your gear, having started over with a fresh set from the new fresh level 65 quest, then you're stuck needing to farm the materials to manually enchant the items. This will be a bit of a pain in terms of needed time and resources. (To the tune of ~700 Golden Talents, 321 Wood Scrap, 402 Polished Arunic Ores, 140 Archdevan Catalysts, 41 Archdevan Oils, and roughly 29.5k of gold to take a fresh Guardian set to Frostmetal; if you take the time to farm the ~7k item XP to max out your success chance for the Twistshard enchants.)

    Apologies for excessive details for any of the steps, but I wanted to be thorough in case anyone who doesn't have a basic understanding of things reads this.
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