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What is this "KRAFTON" I now see??.....


  • 66ECX7NAN766ECX7NAN7 ✭✭✭✭
    It's what they decided to call the parent company they made for Bluehole and its subsidiaries.
  • Yeah, they basically decided to take all the companies affiliated or owned by Bluehole and rebrand them all under this Krafton label to show that they're all part of a big family. It's purely a marketing/branding move -- no change in ownership/management/etc.
  • They couldn't have found a better label ~_~?
  • LordMurasamaLordMurasama ✭✭✭
    edited June 9
    Everytime I read about how they came up with the new name (the whole "craftsmanship" part), I sort of laugh and roll my eyes (looks at state of TERA and utters "yeah right"). I occasionally replace the letter "F" with a "P"...


    P.S. While the corporate umbrella is Krafton, the studio subsidiary that handles Ascent: Infinite Realm and TERA is still known as Bluehole (well, they actually refer to it now as Studio Bluehole not be confused with the original company and subsidiary studio name; Bluehole Studio before they simply shortened the corporate name to Bluehole). Lot of the smaller Korean game studios (not named NCSoft or Nexon) have a tendency to rebrand themselves over the years.
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