WTF with this weird huge lag n spike n ghosting?!!


  • BossieBossie ✭✭
    inventory took about 3sec to open up!
  • TrinidadTrinidad ✭✭
    Me too. I think its something with the recently maint.
  • BossieBossie ✭✭
    it been for so many hours n nothing is done??
    What is eme staff doing?!
  • Probably so over worked with a tiny [filtered] team that it takes more than 3 hours to get another maintenance going?

    Iunno man.
  • tadaaaatadaaaa ✭✭
    I don't know how some people are even able to play in this ordeal because that's what it is for me, the delay was half a second for me earlier, but now it turned into 3-4 sec delays. I tanked GLSh an hour ago and guess how that went, i died without even knowing what fking killed me 'cause the screen would just freeze there and when everything went back to normal i'd just appear there laying on ground kissing the damn floor.
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