Race Change Voucher - SLAYER

This is already fixed??
Have this on items description, i want to change my Race lol.

Race Change Voucher
Elite status players save 15%!

**DO NOT USE IF YOU ARE AN APEX-ED PRIEST OR SLAYER - there is a known issue we are working to resolve with these classes**
Use to change a character’s race. Also allows gender and appearance change.

*Any race-specific items bound to your character will no longer function after changing race.


  • Last I heard, the Support team *did* have a fix for this, but then some other change in a later patch broke the ability to apply the fix. I would recommend sending in a ticket just to check with them on the latest status.
  • Did you end up race changing? Any issues if so? I would also like to race change slayer.
  • AluhAluh ✭✭
    edited June 19
    i race changed mine and as far as i've noticed, nothing is wrong with her.
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