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The Predatory Pet/Servant System: A ridiculous average of around $75,000USD paywall for Best In Slot



  • gheneaghenea ✭✭
    > +80 power from everything, but still somehow obtainable in game
    > +40 from pet alone, but only if you have god rng or spend 75k usd
    > "partners are not even a thing"

    like ok, 1/3 of your whole raw power increase from the patch locked behind a house-worthy money investment or a win-at-the-lottery lucky shot is barely noticeable for you...
  • MelyodisMelyodis ✭✭✭
    edited June 2019
    Thing is you don't need a partner to be on the leader board and that is what bhs want you all to think, so keep spending my partner will stay level 1 for life idc about this system and about what op said how much ever USD stop wasting time it falling on deaf ears.
  • ErazusErazus ✭✭
    edited June 2019
    Are you serious? Please? There is a possible +22 power difference from having +18 permanent and +40 permanent power on a partner and this kind of bonus these days is no longer special? It is not needed to get a partner with +40 power to be able to be competitive because there are already so many other sources that can give the same or better stats..

    I mean.. the partner system is not even the biggest issue here and by all means it is not game breaking whatsoever.. And that is because:

    1) The new jewelry can give up to +20 power and up to 40k HP

    2) Skill Upgrades where as some skills can receive up to 20% damage on top of another +20 power and +40 crit factor if maxed out

    3) Halidoms/Relics that can go at level III already up to +21 power for the Uncommon version with up to +38 power for the Rare version and up to +25 Power and up to +45 Crit Factor for the Superior Version. And that is only at level III which many players already acquired at least for the Uncommon/Rare versions.

    4) Gear infusion where as only the superior chest infusion can give +8 power bonus while the rest ( weapon/gloves/boots ) can give at least +4 power each going up to at least +20 power bonus only from the infused gear.

    5) Strong Canephora/Strong Bravery that were removed from North America ( they still drop at Ghillieglade on Europe ) with the Strong Canephora giving +3% damage extra compared to the normal version creating the situation where only the old or very old players managed to stack hundreds of them while the newest members could not do that and are at disadvantage ( the Crab event did drop Strong Canephoras but it was so poorly managed that barely anyone could get anything and now the event surprisingly ended before it it even started ).

    6) Etc..etc.. etc..

    IF you have the new jewelry done plus the skills maxed out and the halidoms/relics at least at level III plus the gear infused with +8 power on chest and +4 power on any other piece then that is around +80 power bonus and at least +40 crit factor bonus...

    Partners? Game breaking? Needing to spend 75k USD for +22 power bonus? Please... There are so many other sources to get overpowered in this game that the partner system is not even a thing...

    It is as if everything that I wrote was just plainly dismissed and you just repeated what you were saying, not once did you refer to what I was saying. The only point you are making right now is that +22 power is nothing to which it is false in the circumstances of where it would be applied, I am going to repeat my main points but I do not doubt you will just not pay attention nor care about it like you already did.

    1. +22 power is a lot. That is 4 to 5% more DPS. That much more damage is significant especially when competing where people of the same class DPS difference varies 1 and 2%... 4 to 5% is enough for someone to perform better than another just because of the pet.

    2. Your points 1), 2) and 3) are oblivious. Do you realize that the people that are competing all have those things so it is on a fair playing field? Yes, some will get a bit earlier than others but by the end of a season, they will be on par. Your point 1) is ridiculous, people will eventually get the new jewelry, the same way as people got ethereal when it was new or any sort of gear when it was new (same goes with your point 2) and 3)). However, 40 power pet is not unless you spend your entire salary just on that lol.

    3. Because there are others sources that give stats therefore +22 is nothing? Are you serious? All the other sources can be obtained by just playing the game and they are already obtained by all those people that are competing. +22 power makes a difference especially in that case where all the other sources have been used. Of course if you are talking about someone with just stormcry, they probably have nothing of the other things therefore to focus on getting a pet is silly because there are a million other easier things to get to increase your DPS.

    4. Is HO+3 overpowered compared to Stormcry? Is HO+3 overpowered compared to another exact HO+3? Is a perfect pet with HO+3 overpowered compared to just HO+3?... It is pretty obvious that a perfect pet makes a difference. Also, what do you mean by "overpowered"? Everything can be considered overpowered when not properly relatively compared. A 50 fellowship (40 power) is overpowered compared to a 40 fellowship (20 power). A HO+3 weapon with no pet is overpowered compared to a Stormcry+0 weapon with a 40 power pet... It wouldn't be an issue if the fellowship was linearly scaled with the power, where 40 fellowships gave you 36 power. $75,000 USD for 4 power would have been whatever but it is not the case.

    5. Simply the fact that +40 power can be obtained with an average amount of $75,000 USD is the main issue because of how evil, greedy and absurd it is and that it gives an unfair advantage to someone, when competing against people of the same playing field, just because they do not happen to be multi millionaire IRL. Is it game-breaking? In regards of competition yeah (group A and B, both have everything the same however group A all have +40 power pet, group A will always come on top in the end), aside of that, no.

    Your point 5) is another terrible issue however unrelated to all this debacle (gives an advantage to older players which is extremely bad IMO).

    I am really curious, do you compete yourself for leaderboards? If you are, what gear do you have? All this issue is not related to the casual players at all, it is impacting the people that plays the game in a more competitive way.
  • gheneaghenea ✭✭
    even if you dont aim to leaderboard, 40 power is quite huge
  • > @Zoknahal said:
    > I dont need to read the entire post to know that you are literally, putting on the same level, spending money = progress.
    > I have seen true P2W, i have played my fair share of those kind of games. I would be a fool if i do not recognize this new servant system as a somewhat p2w, because as of right now, the best way to obtain pets and servants, is through the Companion Loot Box.
    > If we NEEDED servants at 50 fellowship to "progress", clear content, then it would be a P2W mechanic in full fledge. However, you can still access every single part of the content without a servant.
    > Sure, i will admit that there will be a group of players that will want you to have a servant with that amount of fellowship due to the increased damage, and this, that, my theory craft, "Because if you deal X amount of damage multiplied by the decimal amount of the hypotenuse of Y,Z and fellowship number...." yada yada yada, all that theory crafting thing, you get the point.
    > This groups will for sure, clear content much faster than the rest due to their overpowered servants. But does it stop you from clearing the same content? Are you obliged to spend that amount of money to clear content? to "progress"?
    > No
    > Ask yourself question before claiming that you NEED a high fellowship pet to "progress" : Can i clear content without it?
    > Sure, the servant system is flawed, and it eventually makes you see the "need" to spend money to get pets to evolve into servants, due to the fact that the main item in game to obtain pets, is heavily locked behind an extremely low drop rate, and you still need to fight against other players for it if it happens to drop from a dungeon boss or BAM.
    > But that doesnt mean the servant is needed to "progress"
    > Pretty much your entire post is about how you are seeing the NEED to have a servant to CLEAR CONTENT, PROGRESS.
    > We get it, is a predatory system, its flawed, and your math is very much welcomed to warn others about the insane cost that would be needed in order to get a 50 fellowship servant, but in the end, you DO NOT NEED a 50 fellowship servant to clear content, is optional, like it is spending money in the game.

    I believe you're confusing terms here. When you *need* to pay money for content that is called "buy to play" or "pay to play." The most commonly accepted definition of "pay to win" in a multiplayer game is that spending money makes you more powerful or more effective than you could reasonably be without spending.

    For example, Destiny 2 is going free to play for PC, but you'll need to buy the current expansion to progress to end game content. Blizzard does a similar thing with WoW, even while paying a subscription you need to buy the latest expansion to progress into the newest end game content. That is buy to play. If Tera's companions were required for top tier dungeons they would be closer to this category.

    However, imagine Bungie and Blizzard start selling items that make you more powerful in the game (do more damage, have more hp, whatever). The buff may not be that massive, but all guilds/clans would have to buy these items in order to remain competitive. Sure you could do PVP or PVE content without them, but you won't be as powerful as those who spent real money and you'll never be a top player. That's pay2win.

    Though calling the Tera companion system "pay2win" is frankly being charitable. It would be more accurately called "pay2gamble2win."

    And the OP was quite specific that he/she intended the above definition of P2W and that a 50 fellowship servant is needed to remain competitive in leaderboards. At no point was it suggested in the OP that companions were needed to progress through content.
  • ErazusErazus ✭✭
    edited June 2019
    kubitoid wrote: »
    expect titan storm/earth in cash-shop boxes in near future :lol:

    My point is that the +22 power bonus from the partner system... is not as special as it is made to look like
    my friend you still dont understand that OP post wasnt about servant power bonus being mandatory or something very special but about your char getting stronger thru real money gambling even if its just +0.35 to crit power

    Through real money gambling? You mean to say that the companion loot boxes are not tradeable and not anyone can buy them from the broker whenever? Besides buying EMP from other players to get even more companion loot boxes? And the fact that it is very possible to get a partner with +18 permanent power bonus?

    Do you guys even clear GVHM to get the new jewelry that gives +38 power overall before complaining about the partner system requiring 75k to get +22 power?

    "And the fact that it is very possible to get a partner with +18 permanent power bonus?"
    Yeah, it is quite possible, sure, however you can easily spend over 5,000,000 gold and not get it (I am in that situation right now, stuck with +17 power).

    "Do you guys even clear GVHM to get the new jewelry that gives +38 power overall before complaining about the partner system requiring 75k to get +22 power?"
    You literally dismissed every single things that I said. You literally did not read anything. WHAT DOES THE NEW JEWELRY HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING?? EVERYONE IS GOING TO HAVE IT IN A MONTH OR 2 MAX, HOWEVER, NOT A +40 POWER PET. Holy... I have over 50 clears of GVHM, I have both power relics and halidoms to tier IV, I have almost 150 used SA points. Those are all things that people that compete currently have and/or that they can eventually get by playing the game therefore people will be on an even playing field with all those items! By the end of the season end, all the people that compete for leaderboards will have those items to compete with. However, you cannot get a +40 power pet by just playing the game, you have to go to work and then spend, on average, $75,000 USD to get it... Yes, you can buy EMP with gold from other people but it still ends up someone spending that money for a 40 power pet.

    I am so done explaining, too thick.
  • Man these devs are f*cking depraved money-hungry fiends, they even removed the obtainable pets from achievements, the achievements are still there, but the things to complete the achievements got removed making you even more prone to buying those companion loot boxes lol.
  • I do hope you guys realize that spending money for power, especially at this sort of odds (where the bulk of the power increase is at the end), is what pay2win means. Pay2win doesn't magically disappear just because you can clear content without a level 40 companion, or if there are other gear that provide 40 power that everyone can get.

    Heck, that sort of silly justification would make things like Madden and Fire Emblem Heroes totally not P2W.
  • ErazusErazus ✭✭
    edited June 2019

    This relic alone gives him +34 Power.. And this is only a fragment from the entirey of his broken gear/skill setup.

    Of course, this only shows how broken the game is and how overpowered some players can become but the point is that those overpowered players did not need to spend 75k USD to get +22 power with the partner system because they already have so many broken stats from other sources...

    And no... not anyone can get all these insane stats.. Not even you.

    Without new jewelry

    He got lucky and he did not have to spend any IRL money for it which is how it should be. Your point?

    A stat is not broken if everyone can get it like seriously, you make no sense. If something is broken or overpowered, it is relative to other similar things to which i already mentioned 17 damn times.

    It is not about how much power you can get, it is about that there is a lot of power locked behind a $75,000 paywall and, let me repeat, A LOT OF POWER.

    Yeah, I will never get the other "insane" "broken" stats available in the game... Definitely... /s but what I can guarantee you is that I am not going to get the +40 power pet with the way the system is.

    Edit: Sorry about the insults, got heated up a bit.
  • AluhAluh ✭✭
    Castanic i usually agree with what you say, but on this case, you're wrong, first of all you don't even know who the owner of this thread is, this dude is almost BiS in anything and he knows what he is saying, i'm pretty sure you play on VK, but since ur not on dean's(not that you need to be on his discord to be competitive but there you can see who's competing the most) discord i know you are not part of the competitive players. You're missing the point of this thread.
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