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Fishing? Really?

Fishing coming July 2 to Tera? Really? En Masse is killing Tera, literally...


  • MaximumbootyMaximumbooty ✭✭
    edited June 27
    As much as i hate fishing, it may in fact help a large portion of the player base so long as console players keep their prices in check and not inflate to pc levels.

    Fishing brings lamb food, rootbeers and gold to players who cannot play the market.

    Gold helps these players progress in their gear without feeling as bottlenecked as they are now.

    Crafting revamp may come with it which will help further player progression

    The issue is is its costly and requires some work so players will have to donate time to it. My advice is to afk fish ig youre too short on time and actively fish when you have nothing left to to do.

    Its disappointing that its not apex but this is one of the better ideas.
  • LingyiLingyi ✭✭
    fishing sounds cute.

    They pretty much made all, if not most, redeemable prizes from the festivals non-tradrable. So they're really keeping the gold earning in tight control. Pretty much making the festivals instances. But at least they didn't make the innerwears unbankable (I don't think. Or at least not yet)
  • ExipheusExipheus Kazura (XB1 NA Lakan ) mod
    As I've been saying and they (EME) have been saying, PC and console aren't 1:1 and things will happen out of order. I recommend using PC as a very loose guideline and not expecting everything to be the same or even released in the same order. Regardless of the patch numbers, fishing is in the next update. It'll also help players make more gold as was mentioned.
  • LuneseLunese ✭✭
    edited June 28
    It's pretty clear that we cannot follow PC progression anymore. While this puts up in a weird spot since we know what content we can expect to receive from PC (such as apex 1-2, lvl 70 and different class balances) we do not know when we will get this content or if we will even get it to begin with.

    Fishing in itself won't change the current state of the game and if it will help players or not that is debatable considering how many double drop events we've had in the past couple of weeks. It also depends if they will change the amount of gold we receive per fish caught (on PC it is 500g per BAF (big [filtered] fish), which you can get more by running dungeons + all the other mats that drop there). Crates if you sell them are 1.5k gold on PC (take into consideration the number of mats you need to craft these as well). I don't think it's a bad activity to have on console since it allows you to afk fish and do something else besides running the 1-2 dungeons the whole day, however it does not work if you want to catch BAF (big [filtered] fish) on PC, and it will not make players come back to the game or make it seem more active.

    In my opinion, it will accomplish the opposite, just have tons of players in different lake zones, afk and occasionally running to a broker/craft to make gold. As I have said before, I am looking forward to seeing the roadmap 2 if it has been confirmed and I dearly hope to see awakening 1 to be released in the latest beginning of September, otherwise, there might not be enough players left to enjoy it when it does come out.
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