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Is the "Call to Arms Leveling Event" limited?

Is limited at 1 character per account or?


  • GunnerKaeGunnerKae (YouTube.com/tolate24) Kaelyni ✭✭
    My assistant in my guild did a character of every class. Got keys and stuff for all of them. The only thing that's limited is the "kitten hittin mittens" limited to leveling a brawler.
  • TanicoTanico
    edited June 2019
    on 1st character brawler i got 12 key in total, after i have create another popo brawler and at level 3, 12 i dont have any stuff.
    Sorry for bad english
  • edited June 2019
    Yeah, if it's like past similar events, it should be one character per class per server for each tier threshold.
  • Ok! thank you all!!! ;)
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