[PS4/XB1] Due to an error, we have extended current events (such as dungeon highlights) by one day. The new end time is now 10/15 at 0500 UTC. Thanks for your patience!

Its 5 minutes before maintenance why maintenance started earlier?

I wanted to open some more boxes on the last 5 minutes of the event so maybe i have more luck why it started earlier?? it says 8 am pdt its 7:55 now im the keys i bought just for the event are a waste...


  • i was logged in for 4 minutes after your post so im not sure
  • WeridWerid ✭✭
    edited July 2
    the problem is that i couldnt even log in 5 minutes before the maintenance time it said the server was down so i missed my last chance to open some boxes with strongbox keys... so sad.
  • VralaneaVralanea ✭✭
    Could've been a server or internet hiccup for you. I could play right up to :00, then got the disconnect.

    (I'd forgot it'd happen! :lol:)
  • Maintenance begins at 8am, but new logins are shut off a couple minutes earlier, to prevent new players from entering while the servers are prepared for maintenance mode.
  • aun falta para que termine el mantenimiento?
  • ArydAryd ✭✭
    The real question is, it's 12:24pm PDT, why are the servers not back up yet?
  • KantazoKantazo ✭✭
    Servers still down.....
  • Elinu1Elinu1 Canada ✭✭✭✭
    Anyone else not able to update game yet?
  • ArydAryd ✭✭
    Elinu1 wrote: »
    Anyone else not able to update game yet?

    There isn't an update, as far as I'm aware... it was supposed to be a small hotfix...
  • van a ser las 2 y aun nada
    para que dicen que se va extender una hora si saben que van a durar mas
  • KantazoKantazo ✭✭
    Nope still says TERA is undergoing server maintenance from 8-11 am today, then they added another hour and now seems maybe another hour more?
  • ArydAryd ✭✭
    What's disappointing is that Bearshoes was providing updates; 20 minutes into down time, 20 minutes before expected up time; and here we are 30 minutes past the extended expected up time with no real answer as to why or when.

    It's sad because during the down time, fixed time items in game still expire; meaning if you have 3 days left on an item and the down time takes 2 days, you only get the remaining 1 day. Maintenance should be done as swiftly as possible, and prepared ahead of time, and still, every single time, there's some sort of issue. I understand that things happen, problems crop up, but you should be able to deal with those issues within the allotted timeframe. No more smoke/food/bathroom breaks during downtimes, chain them to the desk if that's what it takes. There's a job needs doing, git r dun.
  • KantazoKantazo ✭✭
    TERA is hiring new little marsupials to run the wheels that make the servers move....
  • Seems like the servers are still down, despite the last update from the 7/2 Maintenance thread mentioning it was extended until 12pm Pacific. I don't think even mEME knows when the servers will be back up :)
  • We need compensation for this inconvenience!!!!
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