[PC] Maintenance 7/2 @ 8am PDT

We will be entering into maintenance on 7/2 at 8am PDT, and expect a downtime of 3 hours.

This maintenance will be a standard maintenance, and will include a minor hotfix only.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!


  • Maintenance is proceeding as planned, and we are still on schedule for an 11am end time. Thanks for your patience!
  • Maintenance has been extended by 1 hour, and is now expected to end at 12pm PDT. We appreciate your patience!
  • Apologies once more for the extension. We are planning to have servers live by 1pm, and are waiting on the finishing touches of this maintenance. We appreciate your patience and understanding once more.
  • Unfortunately we have experienced an issue, and will need to extend to 2:00pm PDT, an additional hour. Apologies for the further extensions.
  • Maintenance is complete, and you may now enter the game. Thank you for your patience!
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