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Master Crafter's Additive

"No sale value.

This item is no longer usable. Dismantles into Additive Powder which can be exchanged for new additive."

Average Brokered Sale: 14,855g 71s 42c

The Master Crafter's Additive (MCA) used to grant 100% guaranteed crit'ing for crafting, which would double the quantity of the crafting output for most cases or would yield a special product (such as higher tier etching). It sold for about 10k on the broker before it has been made useless. Or more if we go with the average provided by the game.

Now the MCA can only be dismantled and exchanged for the new additives. In other words, if it exchanges 1:1, its effect has been reduced from 100% crit'ing to just an increase in the one digit. Or maybe increase of 20% (not obtainable through crafting), I don't know as I haven't dismantled mine yet nor can it be dismantled at this time as it causes the game to crash. And again, that's if it exchanges 1:1 for the current best additive (reagent V), which I doubt and is only 1/5 of its former glory and that's if the 20% is an absolute increase and not relative increase (e.g. 10% base crit chance becomes 30% vs 12%)

There are other items that have also been made useless. God's Tear has been generously given the sale price of 43g at the merchants, which is more than double the price I last remember it to be at the broker. Sale price on the scarabs are more or less accurate. But Goddess's Tear used to go around 300g on the broker (before gear revamp) then inflated by a few 100's.. and now it's given a sale price of ONE gold.

So I don't know how the sale value is determined for items that have recently been made useless. Some items' seem to be fairly based off the price the items lastly were before they were made useless, while other items like the Master Crafter's Additive are not given just treatment.

I understand that the game is taking on a new direction and must be trimmed of certain items and features. But why are the loyal players punished for this? I've heard the whole "we must not tell any players about the fate of these items as to not give advantages to some," and therefore no warning was given about these changes. But why do you take away from the players' time and effort put into the game.

I've invested some of my wealth into MCA's and now I'm being shafted. The same happened at the gear revamp -- the truly dedicated players had their top level gears cut down into mediocre gears that can easily be obtained by new players. And no warning was given at all. And now you're doing it again. What this says to players like me is that "you may chose to invest all your time and effort into our game, but we will trivialize all of it just because we want to change the game to our liking and we don't care how that affects the people that support me. Oh well." You're basically telling the players to not invest in this game, because it may all be for nothing. Yet. Once. Again.

The new additives are a shadow to what the MCA was like. Even if each exchanges to the best new additive, it is relatively not worth using. So please give the players the option to at least sell to vendors at a price in proximity of the average price it was last sold on the broker.



  • Is not just this I had invested and saved IV etching designs, including energetic weapon IV only to login and find they have bee DELETED. all of them.

    I don't know how they think that's acceptable. That is really [filtered] for the players
  • RinkyRinky ✭✭
    Sadly, I too was bit by this.
    Bought my Tier 4 Energetic Weapon design for 180k, and Glove design for 250k. Both of them each useless and worth 20g to a merchant. Nothing we can really do about it, I guess.
    Additionally was sitting on over 100 MCA, but luckily used 60~ of them a couple days back on Diamonds, so I didn't lose too much there. Glad they can be dismantled into dust for current additives at least. Blowing 20% chance additives, while under effect of Moongourd Pie for 10% extra crit chance, while crafting Golden Plates has been really nice.
  • LingyiLingyi ✭✭
    from what I read on the PC forums the additive V gives an absolute increase of 20% , while all others are relative increase. But we're not supposed to compare with PC Tera.
  • Absolutely compare pc to console especially with the copy pasted systems. The 20% is a FLAT gain instead of a % multiplier of a crafts innate crit chance.

    Mix it with food and you have the innate chance + 30%.
    Or innate + 22% if you get the 12% crit additives.

    I do not think that is accurate unfortunately :( The food does not seem to add a flat 10% to your crit chance but is more like a 10% boost to the base crit chance. So say if your crit rate is 5% (I wish mine was lol) the food will bump it up to 5.5%. Try a piece of that food out and you will barely notice the difference. For gold darics my crit rate went from about 3.75% up to 4.5%. I saw similar results with gold plates where my crit rate went up to 5%. With silver plates my crit rate actually went down (bad rng luck that day) from 3.57% to 3.01%.

    The additives appear to be a flat increase tho. The 20% additive added on to a 5% base crit rate should make it 25% until you anger the RNG gods then you'll drop below 20% :p

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