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Can an Abandoned Quest be Done Later?

It says my quest log is full (I think that only applies to Yellow Zone Quests, right? Red and Green Quests have no limit, right?)

If I abandon a Yellow Zone Quest (or any quest, for that matter), can I get it again later when I am ready to complete it? Or is an abandoned quest lost and you can never get it again?

I have some quests I want to complete, but I cannot complete them now (not enough Reputation) and they are contributing to the limit of quests (I keep getting the message my Quest Log is full). I would like to abandon them and get them again when I have the Reputation to complete them. Can I do that?

Best Answer

  • ViennoiserieViennoiserie ✭✭✭
    Accepted Answer
    Yes, you can get the yellow quest again if you choose to abandon for now.


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