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Returning player: Old character's monsters drop old, unusable items. Help!!!

I am a returning player from over 4 years ago. I made a couple new characters so I understand the new system for the upgrading material drops and the new weapon shard system. Then tried playing one of my older characters, and while it does drop the newer items(ie:Tier 1-4 Alkahest), it is also dropping the old ones(ie:Refined Godly Alkahest, old blue colored weapon shards). Is there any way to fix this? Or do I just have to delete it and start over? I usually wouldn't mind, but it seems as though half of the drops are the old ones, making it a lot harder to upgrade items because I never have enough materials. Thank you!


  • EllexemEllexem ✭✭✭
    Have you tried getting rid of all existing instances of the unwanted items in your inventory?

    It's my understanding that as long as you have any of them that you'll keep seeing more drops, but once you remove them the drops will stop. I am uncertain of if this will actually improve the drop rates of the newer materials, those can be a bit streaky in my experience.

    On a new character you always seem to be behind in feedstock for enchanting, unless you go out of your way to farm and have some luck with those 100+ drops of them. To the point where I usually just end up side-stepping the issue by keeping a stock of them for leveling at the bank, and that just seems to overall lead to a net gain of them in the end. It's just a bit of an overdraw at the start and only towards the end turns into a positive. (I understand that this isn't likely to be helpful to you if you don't already have a stock of them, but you can also check if the broker prices for them aren't too expensive at the moment, since they can be traded as well. If nothing else, it's an option to keep in mind for future characters you might wish to level.) And Tier 1 Feedstock in particular is a bit iffy for the first few enchants and Tier 3 can be a pain too at first.

    For a completely new character, without any outside help, it might be easier to just grab the weekly vanguard reward (500 Tier 3 Feedstock) for doing 16 vanguards before you reach level 60.

    Also keep in mind that you can convert lower tier feedstock into higher tiers (via right-click, shift+right-click to be able to pick how many to convert in one go, if memory serves), if you find yourself a few short for an enchant at a tier change, since that is usually where you have ended up with a bit more of the previous tier.
  • I fixed it Lol... So I tried getting rid of all the older items before but I missed 1 item that was hiding out. Once I dropped that one, it all went to normal drops. Thank you! I appreciate the tips as well :]
  • BEWARE with deleting old missions: I found that a LOT of area missions have been removed over the past 3 years.
    Some of those can still be pending for you, if you delete one of those, you will not be able to get it back.
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