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Guild Emblems: Am I Missing Something?

Okay, I just want to make sure I'm not missing something here, and I do hope I'm posting this in the right part of the forums. If not, my sincere apologies.

So like many others, I returned after a hiatus. Today my friends and I decided it was time to change the guild emblem, and as guild leader I went to work on making a few we could choose from. I made them using GIMP and already caught that it was saving them as 32 bit bitmaps by default, and re-saved them all in the correct depth. So now: 64x64 pixels, saved as .bmp with 24 bit depth, saved in the correct folder... I've checked and double checked, and even triple checked everything. And yet it's still giving me the rainbow IMG! icon in game when I got to try to upload any emblems I've made.

Am I missing something? Is it something with the game that isn't liking the emblems? Or is it something else entirely? I'd appreciate any input on this matter...


  • I haven't used the GIMP in a while, but one of the things that often trips people up about this is that Paint calls it "24-bit color" but in programs like Photoshop it's "8 bits/color". (Since non-transparent images are RGB, 8 bits per color = 24 bits in total.) I'm not sure what options they have in GIMP, but I would watch for that -- you want 8 bits per color, or 24 bits in total.
  • Thank you for the reply as while it wasn't the solution, but it did help me find the solution.
    The 8bit/24bit issue you described was not the case as when I saved it as 24 bit it has the only option for doing such as R8 G8 B8 (8 bits per color), but while double checking just in case I took a look at the "compatibility options" GIMP offered when saving the file, which is to save it without writing color space information
    Saving it with that option enabled fixed the problem for me. Again, thank you for the reply and the help. :)
  • FafhredFafhred ✭✭
    Tip: I used IrfanView to make mine a couple of weeks ago, all I had to do was resize/resample an exsiting guild picture from another game, and then save it as a 64x64 bits .bmp, it was automatically the correct depth for the game.
  • Thanks very much for that information.
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