[PS4] Bugged quest/unable to gather item

Unable to gather "Townfolk's belongings" from the quest: "Something to remember them by" in Tenebrous Mines.
+ when you click to see the location of the item, it shows a place for something else, in a completely different zone.


  • Me too same problem
  • Ditto and leaving quests behind makes my ocd eyes twitch xD
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    I can confirm the Town'sfolk's Belongings issue. The items can not be harvested. I came across this a couple of days ago & was just going to post this problem. But you should give more information to make it easier to find the item in question:

    Quest: Something to Remember Them by
    System: PS4
    [Level 28] Tenebrous Mines
    Collect the belongings of the missing miners from the western part of the Halls of Shadow.
    Issue: Belongings can not be harvested/interacted with. A game restart, Console restart, nor Cancelling/Restarting the mission does not resolve the issue.
  • Okay. I have found what the problem is. The reason the Townsfolk's belongings can no longer be interacted with is because they linked it to another area completely. If you go "Display Zone Quest Markers" under the Quest: Something to Remember Them by, it does NOT show the Tenebrous Mines in Val Aureum (Lv27-38). It actually shows An area called Retribution Point, in Quarantine Zone, in Val Palrada (Lv44-46). They linked it to the wrong area completely.

    I went there, then marked the items, but there is nothing to recover, only resources.

    There is an Area near there called Lost MInes. so I guess someone put it in the wrong mines.
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    I've put this in the report, thank you!
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    Actually. It looks like I was a little incorrect. It seems that the area in Retribution Point, you also had to be in the Cacoon Tombs. There IS an item that can be havested, but they are Labled "Myserious Lab Item" & it gives "Frenzy Poison", but this is supposed to be for another mission & they do not count towards the Townsfolk Belongings.
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