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Maybe I missed something...

So, as the title states, it's very possible I missed something; but looking at the dungeon event this weekend, and then looking at the website for why so many dungeons are on it, noticing something very strange; All of the skill scroll exclusive dungeons are on the list of hiatus taking... Are we going to get new dungeons/solos to replace the lost ability to farm scrolls, or are we just going to get scrolls exclusively from daily quests? Seems a rather odd time to take away the newest patch's fire, right?


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    Here are the K-TERA patch notes that seraph translated for this patch (although this is just one portion of the patch we'll get):

    It looks like they redistributed them into the remaining dungeons.
  • ArydAryd ✭✭
    Thank you. Still seems odd to remove 13 dungeons at once; I sort of understand why they move dungeons in and out of rotations, maybe my playlist isn't that long, but Tera is the only game I've ever played that swaps around dungeons so much. I get that it's to keep the dungeon scene a bit "fresher" than most other games, but the core of the game is mechanics and it feels like once you've mastered a dungeon, it goes away and might return someday? I dunno, ranting now.... Thanks for the notes.
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    Makes 0 sense. We were told that dungeons weren't going to be removed and here we are in a situation were they lied to us.
    Not only are they removing a few, they are removing a lot. Instead of taking away from the game, add to it and fix what is broken with them.
    If they are going against the word and removing 13.... can we have the dungeons back that are long overdue for being brought back? Now this I would welcome.

  • Demokron factory and forsaken island will be coming back(mangelmire too for event). That's it

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