Unable to Play or Delete Characters.

As the title says. I have played Tera quite a bit in the past, before the massive server merge. It's been quite a few months since I played and now that I've finally re installed the game, I am faced with the issue of being unable to even enter inside the game due to the limited character slots. I have 3 different characters on the PVP server of Kaiator and I am unable to play or delete any of these three characters because they have all pending brokerage deals. I cannot enter the game to complete brokerage deals and since I can't delete a character until checking out any of the three characters brokerage deals, I am stuck at the selection screen unable to do anything.

This may be a design to the game but I am saying this is a bug because simply put it, I do not see why a developer would want to restrict the player to be unable to play their game at all. Please fix this bug/bad design, I don't give a dang about my brokerage deals, let me delete a character so I can play. I've payed for elite status before in this game and I don't understand why a paying customer is treated to being unable to play a game they love, thank you.


    As of today 7/22/2019, support has gotten back to me fairly quick within less than 24 hours. As a courtesy, they have given me and extra character slot so I am able to play. Thank you support team! I would still like to see this system fixed, I'm sure i'm not the only one who had or is having this issue.

  • well thanks for the update.

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