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The Predatory Pet/Servant System: A ridiculous average of around $75,000USD paywall for Best In Slot



  • ZoknahalZoknahal ✭✭✭✭✭
    Ya'll need to take a break and go outside and enjoy the summer before it gets cold again..

    Not in Texas son. Winter is a blessing here.
  • meh ... just learn about APB.
  • On top of this, why is there a limit on how many times you can reroll a gifted skill on a pet. After spending so much time and money into this pet system, finally got a superior pet after months of trying. Then i had to blow emp into rerolling the gifted skill because i wanted a different skill. It never popped up and I cant reroll it anymore... -___- what a great system... i havent really complained since I played in vm1 patch, but this must be the most antagonizing addition in the game thus far for me

  • ActivaActiva ✭✭

    @Zoknahal said:
    I dont need to read the entire post to know that you are literally, putting on the same level, spending money = progress.

    I have seen true P2W, i have played my fair share of those kind of games. I would be a fool if i do not recognize this new servant system as a somewhat p2w, because as of right now, the best way to obtain pets and servants, is through the Companion Loot Box.

    If we NEEDED servants at 50 fellowship to "progress", clear content, then it would be a P2W mechanic in full fledge. However, you can still access every single part of the content without a servant.
    Sure, i will admit that there will be a group of players that will want you to have a servant with that amount of fellowship due to the increased damage, and this, that, my theory craft, "Because if you deal X amount of damage multiplied by the decimal amount of the hypotenuse of Y,Z and fellowship number...." yada yada yada, all that theory crafting thing, you get the point.
    This groups will for sure, clear content much faster than the rest due to their overpowered servants. But does it stop you from clearing the same content? Are you obliged to spend that amount of money to clear content? to "progress"?

    Ask yourself question before claiming that you NEED a high fellowship pet to "progress" : Can i clear content without it?

    Sure, the servant system is flawed, and it eventually makes you see the "need" to spend money to get pets to evolve into servants, due to the fact that the main item in game to obtain pets, is heavily locked behind an extremely low drop rate, and you still need to fight against other players for it if it happens to drop from a dungeon boss or BAM.

    But that doesnt mean the servant is needed to "progress"

    Pretty much your entire post is about how you are seeing the NEED to have a servant to CLEAR CONTENT, PROGRESS.

    We get it, is a predatory system, its flawed, and your math is very much welcomed to warn others about the insane cost that would be needed in order to get a 50 fellowship servant, but in the end, you DO NOT NEED a 50 fellowship servant to clear content, is optional, like it is spending money in the game.


  • SageWinduSageWindu High Seat of the Jedi Council ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited July 2019
    I think there's a significant piece that many of you are overlooking (to be fair, the OP probably could've put more emphasis on this aspect): if you want to stay competitive and get all the goodies associated with the various leaderboards, you'll need every advantage you can get, including a companion with as high a fellowship (and thus Power boost) as possible.

    By the by, while one doesn't have to buy the lootboxes to get a companion, I've heard from several sources that farming Legacy Essence is out of the question. My guildmaster has done over 100 clears total of the various 4- and 5-star dungeons and she says she has yet to see a Legacy Essence drop. Make of that what you will.

    I think if the Crusades were still a thing, some of the finer points of the OP (such as the above paragraphs) would've been more apparent.
  • I've actually seen a legacy essence in the wild... one dropped from basilisks when I was grinding a couple of weeks ago. But yeah, one drop out of how many thousands of 65+ mobs I've killed over the last few months? Not a great drop rate.

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