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Hello EnMasse staff and dear friends of community

Well before we start, I kindly ask for coherent and mature dialogue, after all the majority here is not adult? and even though you are of age you do not have to be stupid enough to match a pacifier child.
People generally look for games to relieve the stress life brings, be it at work or school, college or at home, or a little of everything.
There is no more reason to generate stress on something that should be used for entertainment.

I have been a Tera player since 2014, and I have noticed a lot about a decline in the gaming community, and I believe it is not just me that has noticed it.
I know there are efforts by the community itself and by En Masse to try to keep the game alive, but none of our requests seem to reach the developer who insists on making changes that are often unpleasant to Western players.
After all what can we do to get in touch? I've tried it myself by sending e-mails.
PVP: Completely bankrupt, just the only thing we could play these last few days was 3s, people stayed up to 5 hours in the queue for CS and Shore, we don't have if we want a pvp promoting event, all we see is pve, and I must remind you that between 2014 and 2016 the internal economy of the game was very fluid thanks to the number of pvp players, I don't disregard the pve players but as the number of pvp players was greater than the number of pve players, this generated a big gain for the pvers and lowered equipment prices even from the classic "paying carry runs"
Pvp enchantment system is simply nonsense, people have already spent more than 3KK gold and are still full +6, if you do not pve, you will simply be at a disadvantage because there is no way to buy new jewelry.
CS: Needs an algorithm that separates players by rank and class, thus totally avoiding sync queues and giving more equality to those who in turn have very low rank.
Shore: increasing the number of players per team, allowing more healers to enter, if you are a main healer you should suffer a lot from this, and of course the sync queues that you are totally prevented from doing because the dps algorithm differs from of healers.
3s: I don't have much to complain about 3s, the community itself has helped a lot against the feeders, for me currently the most balanced battleground.
Gridiron: Same Problems as Shore.
Civil: I believe the guild's pvp rank system doesn't depend entirely on civil unrest, but that they bring the system where
each guild earns points through its rank recruits also in battlegrounds, this would help keep them moving even if the guild recruit does not need enchantment items.
Thanks to this factor, players log in only on Civil day.
Low Level PVP: there was something that gave the game a lot of fun, something that made people really want to level up to get to level 65 and get revenge, something that brought a lot of fun to the confusion between pkrs and others who wanted to kill the lowbies killer (we all missed lumber bridge)
FWC: For me and I believe that for most, the everlasting, better battleground, I believe there would be a chance for shore and fwc to co-exist and be well managed, with daily / weekly events and I say the same to the other BGs.

PVE: In great decline, I am not and have never been a pve focused player, but I know what I see, many friends do, I even ask for help for the pve focused ones to collaborate on this topic after the KTERA bomb about the new one. pve equipment system, that left a lot to be desired, I am not main pve disliked and much, I can hardly imagine the reaction of those who spent years playing pve see something like that.
If the Ktera community approves of this, that's fine, but knowing that your product is marketed to other countries, that's a very different matter. What does partial development cost anyway? Different for home location? Are only customs valid to be separated by region and not content? why our requests are totally ignored.

Content: New content coming in, and it seems to be interesting, a zone recycling was very welcome, but as I said above, where is the pvp content?

Greater character customization: Even when we will depend on mods and third parties to be able to change the color of an elin's ears and tail for example, we could do that cool not? Creating store items for this would be very interesting for role play which helps a lot in maintaining the game.
being able to raise / lower hand and foot (I still find female character hand overall very large)
Customs such as gloves and boots can be modified separately from the custom, making it possible to put shoes from one costume to another to have a different look and even to be barefoot, (let's face it, it's totally nonsense high heels on the beach for example, who here it's a woman knows it's impossible hahaha)
Emp voucher: not everyone is p2w (those who use real money for in-store purchases)
Like the elite voucher, emp voucher serves to pass emp without the need to use real money but exchange it for play money.

I am not here to blame En Masse because they are not the developers and I am not there day to day working with them as it is always very easy to blame and never put yourself in the place of the next one.
I have a vote of confidence with En Masse and I want to believe in their competence and credibility, after all if there is not a minimum of support and respect for those who provide us with a server in America, then it can be complicated.

The big issue is that Blue Hole Studio does not seem to accept opinions from outside Korea, and they are throwing us whatever they want without a minimum of consent, harming the gaming community, the publishers and themselves.

There are many things that should also be discussed such as the archaic engine and the impossibility of a 64-bit system port, but the above problems may be simpler to solve ...
Well, I'm not entirely sure what I said, people have different opinions and I hope you can read them below, and I hope the En Masse team will read and give your opinion.

To all of you a great day, grateful for your attention.

Kud - Priest -VK/KT


    edited July 2019

    Yeah...that PVP gear is sadistic >_> I only have 1 +9 weapon and i've spent over 10,000+ plates collectively, It ran me around 6000 plates on my main to get +9 and I spent over 4k on my alt and no +9 weapon. Innerwear took me months to max and pvp is dead in both SH and CS now so farming mats is impossible. With the new gear coming to tera, I think PvErs are gonna feel the pain of what PvPers feel....just that their gear won't crash back down to +6 (i'll have to work on my gear too for pve...so....yeah haha...)

  • P.S. - also hi Kud, you might not know me but I think you're an awesome priest :)

  • EllexemEllexem ✭✭✭

    @Luniack said:
    CS: Needs an algorithm that separates players by rank and class, thus totally avoiding sync queues and giving more equality to those who in turn have very low rank.

    This, or at least an approach along this line, seems to be already something that they are trying to do. The translated Korean patch notes for what we just got included a bit about matching based on rank.

    Battleground matching

    • Changed to form teams based on player rankings
    • Applies to all battlegrounds with ranking

    Though it also seems to not have been working fully as intended.

    Fixed issue where battleground matching system did not work as intended

    This whole thing wasn't listed in our patch notes though, so perhaps it was not yet added due to whatever that bug that was. Alternatively, it was quietly added but it's the reason for why there are now the super long queue times posted in other threads.

  • AraseoAraseo ✭✭
    Kud ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • edited July 2019

    Skyring has only popped in the last week. The rewards are too weak and in order to solve the issue of players kicking new learning players, "Team Skyring" needs to be equalized. This has been an issue for years.

    Gridion and Shore shouldn't exist, because there is a high population of healers queuing for a BG that will only take one of them, meaning they will have to create alts or endure longer queue times. Certain guilds ahem frequently also try and white knight their pocket healers by kicking new and learning healers from Shorehold and other BGs.

    In fact unequalized battlegrounds shouldn't exist at all

    Why should we have any unequalized BGs at all which exclude newer players in an already dwindling community playerbase? It makes absolutely 0 sense. Gear should be farmed for CU, Alliance (which needs to be returned) and OW PvP

    What is this non sense that there are safezones on PK servers? I mean, personally, it makes no difference to me, but many have practically beg for the return of lowbie PvP.

    Furthermore, I don't understand why EME doesn't do battleground power hour dailies anymore nor do I understand why CS doesn't give strongbox keys as an incentive for queuing.

    There needs to be a way for PvPers to get endgame accessories without resorting to having to do PvE, but I doubt EME can do much to fix this.

    The Adventure Coin system is p2w and is ironically killing the playerbase. Players now have to ration and preserve their coins whereas before skilled players had 16 runs of which they could spare to help out new players they now have to ration their 6 or 8 runs of endgame dungeons to get their jewelry pieces. There is no leeway or incentive to help new players as it is such a heavy cost to those grinding for their accessories.

    Fix the costume shop

    Other ideas: Reduce the max size of guilds to reflect the game's population. Lower the amount allowed in guilds from 140 accounts to 50 or 40 accounts to provide fair and balanced competitive PvP.

    Bring back the competitive guild ranking system which rewarded players for queueing BGs and battlegrounds depending on their players BG and dungeon rankings, but don't bring back sky castles

    ***Restore the original GvG system and the KDR for guildies

    Sadly, if I am not mistaken, I believe many of the decisions pertaining to the game are made by EME's parent company BHS and there's not much they can really do to stop them from making a bad decision.

  • Kind of quit PvP and Tera in general after I gave it like 2 months after new level cap. PvP felt like it played around Apex skills bit too much. Might just be my personal preference, but I always preferred 3s and just BGs in general back then compared to now. Apex in PvP was a mistake. As much as I also would like more PvP related events and content, game's balance in PvP is a joke.

  • LuniackLuniack Velika Outskirts ✭✭✭

    Yea, imagine getting killed by archer ult at more than 50 meters lol

  • All they really have to do is disable high CD Apex skills from usage in BGs.
    No more shores decided by Inner Harmony Ninja, No more 3s decided by Unsheathe, etc etc

    Super simple feedback that I hope gets delivered.

  • AraseoAraseo ✭✭
    > @Luniack said:
    > Yea, imagine getting killed by archer ult at more than 50 meters lol

    If only sorc ult could kill something 😂
  • LuniackLuniack Velika Outskirts ✭✭✭

    @Araseo better than reaper ult bro B)

  • MelyodisMelyodis ✭✭✭


  • @Melyodis said:

    pvp is fun tho

  • LuniackLuniack Velika Outskirts ✭✭✭

    trolls everywhere '~'

  • SageWinduSageWindu High Seat of the Jedi Council ✭✭✭✭✭

    @39HATFDXLY said:

    @Melyodis said:

    pvp is fun tho

    I hope you're speaking for yourself, sir/madam.

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