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Its impossible to rank in PVP because SH, CS and 3s are inactive

Does eme have a plan for bg calendars or some kind of reward system to entice more people to play PVP content?



  • LancerJivaLancerJiva ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited July 2019
    Would be nice but probably won’t happen.
    They need to Bring back fwc and bring back bg jackpots
  • WeridWerid ✭✭

    I can prove its dead

  • Tale as old as time with Tera PvP. Same exact cycle and they never learn, not even years later apparently lmao.
    They get a battleground, kick and yell at everyone they can for not being good or geared enough, then turn around and cry about how dead it is. Not to say that OP was someone who'd kick, I have no idea. but I'm just saying-PvP players are almost always why battlegrounds end up fizzling out. Not just reward issues. Because at a certain point, rewards become not worth it if it means that you'll get yelled at and made fun of and harassed simply for attempting to play the game.

    When it comes to situations like that, that actually can't fully be pinned on EME. That's a playerbase problem and something people have to look inward to fix. Meaning correct both themselves and their friends/peers around them. but if this problem is still happening almost 4 years later I don't think that's possible. They'd sooner quit, tell others to quit, and watch the game die/get taken down than let newbies or people just playing for fun join in. PvP is serious and their entire life and reputation relies on it, afterall.

    Better rewards though wouldn't hurt.
    But you could offer players all the best rewards possible and they'd only endure the pain long enough to get whatever they wanted and never return to avoid having to deal with PvP no-lifers attitudes again. And then you'd be back to square one needing to think of a new better reward to lure more lambs into slaughter again. So ultimately, those who run others out ideally would need to be dealt with as they play a role in driving down player activity themselves, which is the last thing Tera needs.

  • ChristinChristin ✭✭✭✭

    Just remove them and be done with that whole PVP revamp bull. People simply take PVP way too serious. No doubt loads of players have left over getting upset about some PVP issue. There are plenty of other PVP games out there better geared towards PVP action anyways. The only PVP that will ever last in this game would be an all level game like CS was, but then, people whine, get it changed and ruin it. PVP has to be fun in order for people not to ruin it. Kumas was somewhat fun. Even with CS, you got people yelling at each other about protecting ladders and blah blah. People just get too worked up over all of that pvp stuff.

  • TJKatTJKat ✭✭✭

    They should get rid of PvP leaderboards. I doubt that would solve the elitism and toxicity, but maybe there would be less kicking if their precious ranking wasn't at risk.

  • BluerepriseBluereprise ✭✭
    edited August 2019

    ..No what the hell kind of suggestion is that? PvP is about leader boards about fighting and competing. Any thing that made pvp have a point for it things like malevolent intent or ranking needed by guilds to get Sky castle placement and or a item only given to pvp players who got to 1400+ that gave them a buff that allowed them to kill people or things quickly. Why would you take more from them. Leader boards are competition and rating used to matter. ITS THE ONLY THING LEFT PVP WISE that Tera has that PVP players can work towards and even then its depressing to what has been lost over the years. "hey I spent time I worked hard learned my class and can play the game fairly well i have this number that shows my kills deaths and so on to prove my skill at how successful I am." why would you take that away? Granted RANKINGS mean jack squat today considering anyone can reach a high level through the use of Proxy and Injecting frankly pvp has been dead since the end of Tensus patch. No sky castles no freaking nothing for PvP players. PVP PLAYERS have starved half to death WHAT The heck? WHY WOULD YOU SUGGEST THAT. "well frankly it caters to toxicity." NOT SURE IF YOU HAVEN'T NOTICED. BUT tera is a toxic game Pve wise Or PvP wise the Community has always been like this it is not JUST A "PvP problem." its a everything problem because does BHS and Enmasse do not care about what goes on Unless you count the super PC game devs who would not act as game devs but self administered Judge Jury and Excutioners who let their feelings control their actions rather than any short of actual justice system.. WHAT DO YOU MEAN it would Curb TOXICITY. it wouldn't do anything you'd just [filtered] more people and send them leaving by the droves. WHY would you suggest this? Just because you don't like PvP or competition and can't handle it. Doesn't mean others can't.

  • They already dumbed down PvP majorly for a majority of people who couldn't play the game. and now you want them to cut it further.. fun fact the reason Tera survived so long as it was built on Its PvP system and Pve system Crafting a purpose and now it has nothing. nothing but a grind and rng cash festivals fun stuff.

  • MelyodisMelyodis ✭✭✭

    Pvp dead bury it already its stinking up tera it toxicity is creating serial killers finally please let it try to rip.

  • BluerepriseBluereprise ✭✭
    edited August 2019

    No This game was Built on PvP in fact Old days of tera thats what made this game enjoyable. and frankly the only thing fouling up this game is the freaking community itself do not give me that bull that pvp is the only reason this game is full of idiots there's alot more reasons other then that on why this game is the way it is. If enmasse actually brought PvP back and they did it the.. the right way and fixed their proxy issue? this game would a lot more populated than it is currently. but frankly everyone is so fed up with never being listened to, the lack of communication by the devs, and the lack of anything bugs and issues or glitches that have existed in the game for years never getting fixed that everyone is giving up and saying **** it.

  • SageWinduSageWindu High Seat of the Jedi Council ✭✭✭✭✭

    @LADR9J9635 I don't know if you can see this, but you're kinda proving @Christin 's point about people taking PvP (to say nothing of the game at large) too seriously.

  • MistrussMistruss ✭✭
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    I'm seeing people here blaming the PvP community for killing PvP and not EME or BHS. Truth is that everyone is to blame and I'm not saying this to settle down a bunch of children fighting each other.

    For example, why was PvP very active when EME used to do background reward events? Why was PvP active when Fraywind Canyon existed? If the community is to blame for killing PvP, this doesn't make sense. People play PvP content for two reasons.

    1. People have fun competing against others. Why are FPS, Battle Royales, MOBAs the most popular gaming genres right now? Because they're PvP focused and people have fun competing.

    2. Rewarding experience and progression. Even if something is enjoyable, in an MMO where progression and gear matter, if fun is pitted against efficient, then fun will always lose. Hell, even in real life. Would you rather have a fun job that pays minimum hourly wage or have a salary enough to buy you a house?

    Shorehold may have dried up because the community kicked people trying it out, but the design of shorehold is to blame. In a BG that is smaller scale, performance of each individual matters a whole lot more. In a game where the winners are rewarded the most while losers walk away with a consolation prize, it makes sense to kick weakest links out to increase your odds on a more rewarding experience.

    Fraywind did not suffer as much from this because of the larger group size, same with CS. Who's to blame with removing Fraywind and coming up with the Shorehold design? Who's to blame with the lack of events or rewards centered around PvP? Is that the community or is it the publisher and developer?

    As the publisher, this sort of feedback is what should be collected and sent to the developers. If anyone is even looking at the official forums, I'm seriously afraid that a weekly or daily community feedback back report looks something like:

    Topic: The State of PvP in Tera

    Description: Players complain that PvP is no longer as active as it once was. This may be due to the community kicking people out of PvP content, thus discouraging players from wanting to further try PvP content. No fix needed, this is a community issue and not a design flaw of shorehold, nor our lack of incentives driving players towards PvP.

    Additional side related feedback I would like to add.
    Please give a hidden value to players when they lose and win. This hidden value decreases upon loss and increases per win. Players when they queue up for a battle ground will be matched based on this hidden value.

    Players who win a lot will be matched with players that lose a lot, vice versa.
    People who care so much about their rank might hate my suggestion, since it would end sync queues and end BG monopolization, but abusing the system should not be a factor in ranks.

    The goal of this is as I list below:

    1. Balances teams. People quit PvP if they go on a streak of negative experiences. Getting carried may not be the best of feelings, but it's better than losing over and over and eventually quitting.

    2. Ends sync queuing for stacked teams.

    3. More accurately displays individual performance on rankings as opposed to again, those abusing the system.

  • ^ you nailed it

  • ChristinChristin ✭✭✭✭

    PVP content was busy before people started getting too into it. The leaderboards and all of the additional competition that was brought in led to the kicking and all of the bs. The playerbase demanded leaderboards, they demanded more competition, they demanded level reqs, THEY DEMANDED SMALLER GROUPS so yeah, the playerbase is to blame. BHS is just to blame for listening to them.

    They can't do events around PVP anymore. Now that leaderboards are out, players are beyond desperate to win no matter the cost. They kick out any new players no matter what. Even in CS, people are constantly flamed in global. Kicking is a symptom of the leaderboard disease. You can't blame players for kicking when the leaderboards exist. Kicking is part of ranking high on the leaderboard, so kicking is now part of PVP.

    Dump leaderboards as it did nothing but bring in the wrong type of players. You'll never be able to revive PVP as long as leaderboards exist and people on those leaderboards will do anything to stay there. Instead of allowing kicks, fix the reporting system, or only allow players to initiate 2 kicks per day (or something like that). Require appropriate gear levels and block players from inspecting each other in runs. Dumb down the PVP stats in profiles. Those stats are leading directly to the kicks, so get rid of the details. Make them Rookie and Skilled like the other dungeons. If every loss gets counted against us permanently and will lead to ridicule and contempt, why would new players really even want to bother trying? (Again, most of these changes will enrage players as long as leaderboards exist, so they gotta go.)

    You PVP'ers just don't want what is really needed to be done. You can't match losers to winners, because those winners don't want to have to constantly carry the losers. No more allowing parties would be good. However, winners don't always want to have to carry everyone else. Plus, most of your suggestions won't work with the leaderboard. Winners will just stop playing or work to find those losers and kick them, so you've gained nothing.

    You PVPers always give these lame marshmallow solutions, because you don't want done what really needs to be done. Those other games you mentioned are all about competition. People play them to compete with each other and that's it. If you want to be on some leaderboard, go play those games. But you won't, because you know those people are way more hard core than most of you guys, so you gotta come over to a game like Tera and get a leg up on kids and PVEers. Unfortunately for you. Tera isn't all about PVP. So, when the PVP is too competitive, most players just turn to other tasks. Now y'all crying cause BHS isn't forcing players to do PVP by running a bunch of PVP events. They tried and it failed, so good luck getting them to do it again.

  • ChristinChristin ✭✭✭✭

    BTW, if getting rid of leaderboards will never happen, just ignore most of my previous post and continue to let PVP die. It's really as simple as that. Plus, no doubt the people high up on the leaderboards are fine with PVP dying, so they can keep their top spots. You know how they are.

  • If you want to have a debate, make sure to keep your personal bias out of your points. Don't make it so clear that you have contempt against players who play PvP content or else it reads off as a vendetta as opposed to trying to bring up a valid argument.

    Anyway, I'm sure you know that leader boards existed in the past. In the distant past of Tera, PvP was extremely active. 3s were popping, CS was popping at every single hour of the day, and Fraywind too. So according to you, if leader boards are the cause of decline in PvP, the past doesn't make sense.

    Also, you keep saying "they demanded" who are they? Why did BHS listen to them? Provide some thread links or I see no reason to believe your points.I don't recall anyone saying something along the lines of "Remove Fraywind Canyon and give us smaller scale PvP"

    Saying that PvPers don't know what they want might be true because as a community everyone has a suggestion which may be similar or different. However, here is a question and statement that I'm sure nearly everyone who PvPs would agree upon.

    Why the hell did Fraywind Canyon get removed and replaced with Shorehold? Bring Fraywind back, no one asked for Shorehold.

    Christin, it sounds like you are someone who enjoys PvE and had a very bad experience in PvP. No offense, but suggestions from people like you who aren't too familiar with PvP or the audience that plays the content are dangerous.

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