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65-70 content?

Are there plans for quests / content in the near future for 65-70 or did I not unlock something?


  • You have to be Apex to see quests

  • I have the Nightmare begins, but that's only a few and For the Federation dungeon quests. Is that everything?

  • EllexemEllexem ✭✭✭

    @Pekerchu said:
    I have the Nightmare begins, but that's only a few and For the Federation dungeon quests. Is that everything?

    For us so far, yes.

    To sum up the translated patch notes for what is still to come:

    • They just got an actual new zone over in Korea, if I understand it correctly. (The translated patch notes called it 'Exodor', but no clue if that is what the official name will be. The similarity to the WoW Exodar seems a strong indicator for it not being the case, but who knows.)

    Apparently has four areas. Also some dungeon. Comes complete with new gear system that we're going to hate with the passion of a thousand burning suns for bringing back the worst of RNG for item stats again and then doubling down on it, by all indications. Path to Stormcry +7 is to be made easier, since ilvl 453 remains the entry point for everything 66+. The new gear requires higher than level 65 to use too.

    • The next upcoming change for us seems to be the introduction of random caimans / dimensional doors spawning from level 65+ BAMs (from the revamped zone areas) that you can use to enter a single person instance. (The spawn chance for those seem to suck enough that they had a four fold increase in a follow-up patch, so don't expect this to be anything but pure RNG luck of the draw. Though maybe it was also just too much XP of various types, since those were nerfed as part of the increased spawn rate.)

    In typical BHS fashion, this comes paired with a change where you can progress daily quests as a party, because of course they'd try to pair a push for grouping up with putting people into conflict over a rare spawn. In related news, water is still wet.

    • Vanguard Requests will get added for the BAMs used in the green dailes (Elenea, Tria, Tralion), which can be completed once per day. The green solo Vanguard Requests will gain leveling XP. (Pit, Echoes of Aranea, Celestial Areana, the three Ace Dungeons, the nine Island of Dawn BAM ones)

    • Some new inventory expansion (called "Pocket") will get added, but I still don't really understand that, since the notes make no real sense. Well, outside of being more things that they can sell us. Upside, we'll get search fields for the inventory you can use to filter the thing by partial name, if you want to find an item.

    • That solo instance from the wandering caiman gets a group version at some point.

    • The Ace dungeons get ilvl increases. (Akasha 439 and Baracos 446 -- No clue if they'll actually have adjusted the A Gift for the Goddess questline to account for this, since that would mean that you would have to do Lilith three times, which isn't possible in a single day, so yay for likely stall in the gearing process to Apex...)

    • Some wandering merchant is added with a new currency. Which you can ear from battlegrounds (CS, SH), ilvl 435+ dungeons, Ghillieglade and from whatever a city exchange goblin is. The merchant give the impression of being somewhat random, since they have the whole server message on spawn and all that listed. They'll also put account and server based purchase limits into play, with availability differing by region.

    • Bahaar and a bunch of other dungeons will get skill XP at some point.

    • Some kind of card system is added, which seems like collectible cards for various activities.

    Oh yes, Priest Triple Nemesis will also finally get the end debuff duration increased to 21 seconds from 12 seconds, so that will finally be on par with Mystics.

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