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Avatar weapon drop

Last patch there was a change in the leveling gearing system, one which uses relic shards to enchant gear, and avatar weapons drop as whole pieces.
This would be all fine in well, except the fact that the avatar weapon drop rate is now very low (about one per boss, and it has no guarantee to be for any class in the party), making leveling to 65 more of a chore than it already was, as getting a weapon that will do damage is difficult.
Now I realize that EME can only do so much, but I believe a good solution would be adding your classes avatar to the dungeon vanguard reward, as it will allow you to reliably get it.
As it is currently, as soon the mobs are above your avatar's crit boost limit, you will do very little damage, meaning your only option is basically to spam mobs outside of dungeons solo for a long period of time, hoping they'll drop the weapon you need


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