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Anyone know which dungeon this is?

I found a description of the old dungeon Fane of Kaprima here (https://tera.fandom.com/wiki/Fane_of_Kaprima) but the description doesn't sound anything like the FoK I used to play (or whenever it was rebranded as VoK). I remember FoK as having a fimbrilisk, a crab, the lancer dude, then Kaprima.

Does anyone know which dungeon that page is referring to? Could it be from a different game? Thanks!


  • CornishRexCornishRex ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited July 2019

    I'm pretty sure it's fane of kaprima, I did it on classic server back in march and it had a huge map with similar mechanics to what was described in the wki except it was really easy since it was old content in the patch classic server launched on. I remember a veteran friend telling me about the mechs and the dungeon being a really long journey lmao


  • KirscheKirsche
    edited August 2019

    I have no idea what dungeon is being described in OP's Link, could be Vault of Kaprima, cuz I only ran that a few times and I honestly don't remember it.
    But OG Fane of Kaprima (correct map layout in that bluegartr link)
    First boss was a Fimbrilisk, you had 4 pillars around the room when the fight started and if he killed all pillars your group got one shot. had some poison stuff as well if i remember right
    Second boss was a typical Crab bam, poison and spin attacks, the big ones were the Blood Borers that came out from the walls.
    Last boss was Kaprima herself, the big mech I remember being one party member would get stunned inside a rock and everyone else had to hide behind it while she did her big fiery attack. She also had a lot of pull-you-in mechanics. Was a really fun fight, and dungeon overall. Would be pretty cool to do an upscaled OG Fane of Kaprima again.

    edit: there was a miniboss fight in there somewhere with a sorc and lancer daevans

  • Vault of Kaprima was the relaunched dungeon that took away the first fimbrilisk boss and only had the crab then lancer then Kaprima.

    The description I linked in the first post is so confusing to me because the bosses they describe seem like Tera monsters (Fangspawn, Devan, etc...). But I can't find reference to the boss names Vinetooth, Telith, Datro anywhere else. Perhaps they're describing a dungeon that was in the beta release or when the level cap was <60 that got removed a long long time ago before I started playing.

    Oh well, if anyone can share this post with some OG players on their discords then maybe someone will remember that old dungeon. Thanks!

  • OrganizmOrganizm
    edited August 2019

    Fane of Kaprima is original from 2012-2013 when level cap was 60. At first, FoK along with other dungeons were removed as part of a larger move by bluehole to streamline leveling process. The concept of rotating dungeons was hatched around this time imo. FoK was temporarily returned as an event dungeon in 2014 before it re-debuted the next year as Vault of Kaprima in it's new simplified version players are familiar with today. Smaller map, bosses removed or changed. Youtube fane of kaprima from 2012 for nostalgia.

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