Accessory Morpher

Accessory Morpher
Used to convert Quatrefoil Brooch Marrow Brooch
Powerful Goddess's Brooch Dracoloth Brooch

Was buying on merchant but i can't convert my brooch... so?

How its work?


  • AluhAluh ✭✭

    Right click the stone and click your brooch,but you need a quatrefoil or the upgraded version, it won't work on your Quickcarve or Pumped Brooch,

  • I think it's a very low % chance to convert. I haven't tried it personally though. Feels like it could be a gold sink.

  • I converted my powerful goddess brooch into a dracoloth on first try but yeah i might have been lucky, although its not that expensive only 10k

  • AluhAluh ✭✭

    Pretty sure that is just for show, converted 4 so far no fails.

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