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it feels like the servers are both dying (becoming inactive)

does anyone else notice this? fewer lfg, fewer people chatting in global, no battlegrounds active at all, etc


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    ye it feels like tera is dying and it seems like alot of ppls are quitting too

  • Well the new patch only brougut back old dungeons so its pretty boring for older players and no event worth running much of anything
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    You guys keep posting these threads in order to give this game a bad rep. I really think EME needs to start closing these, because you guys are simply posting new threads about this same topic over and over.

    [edit] lets think about this for a bit. You [edit] constantly bring in the Steam numbers in order to justify these "game is dying" threads, and people [edit] use these threads to gripe about the same stuff over and over. Personally, with all of the griping [edit: people do] about this game, I don't know why they even still play. However, the game has its own launcher. Therefore, even new players coming through Steam AREN'T PLAYING THROUGH STEAM! They come here via Steam and are encouraged to download a separate launcher for FREE STUFF.

    So you brain surgeons can knock it off already with your "game is dying" bs, because it's getting old, and it's getting stupid. Maybe get off of your lazy butts and go to Stepstone to see how many people are coming to this game on a daily basis. No, they aren't all new players, but still, it's impressive.

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    Please avoid personal attacks in these threads.

    I do think these threads are somewhat redundant and generally nonconstructive. The game is in a lull awaiting content and summer does tend to be a bit down compared to the school year in our region (excepting some huge/major expansion or content drop). This summer has also seen the release of a fairly significant expansion to another MMO that will pull some people for a time; a lot of people are "MMO polygamists" as it were lol. That said, everyone is aware that the game is not getting younger and it's a struggle to gain new players and retain existing ones. The systems they've introduced definitely need improvements to be better-received in our region, and that feedback is being sent regularly.

    It is also true that Steam has a bit of a special situation the last few months when EME encouraged people to migrate to the EME Launcher with giveaways, since the EME Launcher wasn't available to Steam players at first. I don't know how much that impacted the numbers, but it is a factor. I know for me personally, I stopped using Steam to launch the game for this reason... so I'm one of the statistics, even though I still play.

    Above all, I can say that no one is more aware of the number of players this game has, how much time they spent, how much content they do, how much money they spend, what triggers them to play more and/or spend more, etc. etc. than BHS and EME. They look at these metrics constantly, and unpopular though many decisions are, they are often done in direct response to what has been shown to increase engagement and spending. Obviously there's a counterbalance here about where the line should be drawn, and some of the things they've done recently have been pushing at that line (many would say crossing it), and that feedback has also been given. But if people are thinking that posting these threads is going to make the developers suddenly notice... not a week goes by where they don't review the numbers in detail and discuss them with BHS, so they know very well.

  • The way TERA's launcher (the old and new one) operates with Steam is interesting when it comes to metrics. If the EME launcher (old or new) is already active and you try to run the game from Steam, it will simply switch to the already active EME launcher (same signature). On Steam, the game will show as being played that day (thus counted as part of concurrent login) but will not log play time.

    The only way actual play time will be logged on your Steam activity (and as part of game time metrics) is when the launcher is run from Steam (without an already active launcher process running which would be the case for those who only play via Steam). Furthermore, just the launcher needs to be active for play time to be logged (and not an actual active connection to the game server).

    Basically, the specific metrics aren't accurate to a degree (and I've never looked at them that way either). The trend over time (by looking at the overall chart since the release on Steam) however can be extrapolated to a degree in terms of general engagement regardless of launcher. I play mostly only via EME's launcher (only times I used the Steam launcher is for redeeming a Steam only DLC or when I had issues with the EME launcher) and while there are periods when you see certain areas with a lot of players AFK or otherwise (in Crescentia, Highwatch or those fishing either legitimately or for some, the bot way), there are other ways to see the continuous player drop off (like Guardian Legion missions during peak hours). Sure, some of this is subjective but its more akin to the visual observations one sees over time (like if you compare Velika Freedom Plaza from 2016 to how it tends to be now).

    Patch 80 hasn't helped with player retention IMHO. At least before, I used to meet newer players who would stick around a bit once they hit 65. Some of those same folks on my friends list have fallen off the wagon with what feels like an unending grind (just to now level to 70) and unrewarding reward loop due to the designed/increased RNG failure with upgrading/enchanting the higher tier items. I'm not expecting anything different with the three new tiers of equipment that comes with the Exodor region since (enchanting) it will be like the three tiers of halidom/relic where even green uncommon is tilted towards failure on upgrade (and this RNG fail rate only increases with blue rares and yellow superior tiers).

    I don't think Krafton/Bluehole truly cares that much at this point (considering how they are milking the TERA franchise with three mobile related projects including the two from the studios they acquired) because they are likely using metrics taken from every region where the hardcore grinders and the ones that consistently spend money tend to oblige these designs (everyone else be damned). Those folks may complain but they still put in the time to grind through the upgrade/enchanting process (and their metrics likely also show the same people who spend money, continuing to do so).

    Myself, I stopped spending money (vote with the wallet) and don't bother grinding. Two months after hitting 67, I'm only now just a "sliver" (100 million XP) from hitting 68 on my main. I continue playing because I enjoy parts of the game including the combat and my wacky characters. The TERA designers are going to have to eventually remove their cranium from their posterior though because its not going to help the game any more with only a smaller fraction of the remaining player base from doing Exodor region content in the near future when it is rolled out across all of the other regions.

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