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New player doubts


I downloaded the game (PC) for the first time yesterday and I am having an alright time so far, but there is a couple questions I would like to ask to more experienced players, as well as some silly probably obvious doubt I had since the beginning of the game.

1) I am only level 32 with a brawler, but so far enemies just drop dead after one or two slaps and my hp never dropped below 75% (because holding right click is apparently something you can do without repercussion), which concerns me quite a lot. Does the difficulty spike on later levels? Is this just a mechanic for newbies like me to get used to the controls?

2) What's the current standing of support classes in this game? Are they useful, or is it all a meta revolving around damage dealers?

3) I noticed I have a dash/tumble/dodge ability mcguffin but it takes a skill slot for some reason rather than being its own control. Is it possible to somehow rebind it to shift or a shift+key combination? If so, how? I am starting to run out of skill spaces, and i worry about being unable to dodge things in the future.

4) How friendly is the community in general with newcomers?

5) Any things that I definitely should know before progressing further? Someone was kind enough to inform me about the buddy up system that I almost missed, is there any noob-traps I should be wary of (such as investing points in leveling skills and then being unable to reset them, etc)?

6) Almost forgot to ask, but how do you use the auction house (or whatever its name is in this game)? I recall trying to register some item in it without any success. Is it locked to higher level players?

Thank you very much for your time, and I hope you didn't find these questions too stupid. I have some previous experience with other mmos, but there is a lot going on in Tera, with all these UIs which I hope I'll eventually get used to.


  • LordMurasamaLordMurasama ✭✭✭
    edited August 2019

    Like most RPG (co-ops, MMO's), the game doesn't really start until max level. In TERA, level 65 used to be max level but for the most part, it still represents the beginning of the end game content (where yes, the difficulty does scale and you do need to be more cognizant of mechanics in dungeons as well as positioning). It doesn't help that with a recent update, that low level dungeons have had the party restrictions lifted (holy trinity is no longer required for pre-level 65 dungeons which means that low level players are no longer constrained by having to properly deal with mechanics that would at least help a little for end game (not like it was a helpful training ground though since some end game dungeons have one shot mechanics if certain things aren't properly done/timed).

    Regarding number 3, have you opened up your extra shortcut tray (there are two of them for an extra 24 that you can rebind keys to)? It's the "+" at each end of the main tray. Each class has several dodge/dash/evade type of skills with an i-frame that are useful with higher end content.

    Regarding number 4, that one is a mixed bag. It's like any of these type of games with a mix of toxic folks and also some helpful folks. There are some guilds that continuously recruit newer players since the game does have trouble retaining players that hit the newer level 66+ grind. In-game global chat has some trollers that give only wiseass responses to newbie questions.

    You don't have to worry about stuff like skill resets (the game gives your class every available skill to unlock which only costs gold) and glyph points you can reset at any time. Once you hit 65 and unlock Enhancement Points (EP) which is like an alternative progression system like Paragon's in Diablo III or Prestige in MapleStory 2 as examples, that is when I would ask around (or check out the class Discords) for where to spend your points. EP can be reset (you get a limited amount of reset pots from the achievements associated with EP and after that, can buy them from some NPC).

    Trade Broker (Auction House) can be used at any level and is pretty straightforward. Just always be careful to doublecheck the listed amount if you are listing something decent. Some recent changes however requires that players now have "earnest money"; you are basically assessed a non-refundable listing fee that is a percentage of the amount that is being listed. If you don't have enough gold to cover that amount, you won't be able to list the item. The UI should note that though since I recall the last time I listed something, it popped up a message asking me to confirm that. Aside from that, I cannot think of any other situation since it won't let you do some of the more obvious ones (like being able to list non-tradeable or soul bound items).

    Anyway, hope some of this helps (in my book, there is no such thing as dumb questions because we all were new at any of these games at one point). Most importantly, have fun and enjoy what the game has to offer (its definitely not perfect and has flaws that should be addressed).

  • Hello, I am back to this game after 4-years(previously a L65 Gunner & Reaper) and got a friend (new to TERA) to start a new character with me.
    I will be playing a new Brawler, and she will play a new Sorcerer.
    We generally play 730-1030pm on weekdays (GMT+8 timezone), Weekends flexible, yes we are from SEA. Ping is decent though.
    We are on Velika server.
    I see that there is a new player above ! Maybe we can catch up to you and play together around L20-30+ ?

    Our IGN are Donuts.Senpai and Vivi.Rosie

    I may not look here often, so please hail me on Discord if you wanna TERA:

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