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Story Quests

Hi I have a level 51 Archer and have been following the story quests, however for some reason i am not seeing anymore story quests since hitting the castanic beach, i done all the quests there but now i dont have any story quests to continue. Is this a bug or have i done something wrong?


  • IIRC at that level you should have a quest to go into, or have already gone into, the Golden Labyrinth to deal with the Elven Core problem, and then the follow up punching of Akasha until she falls over. Snoop around Castanica for Elleon and Fraya (they're off down an alley) if you don't have those quests and haven't done them yet.

  • If they were there they would show up on the map, but now for some reason im stuck at the beach in castanica especially with the npc called Ramsey who after i give the horn she wants nothing then shows on the story line, i have tried changing channels but the outcome is the same, no story quest after Ramsey!

  • The beach quests are just seasonal dailies. Check Castanica proper. Or Allemantheia in the Command Center to see if Fraya has a quest for you there (since that's in an instanced area, it won't show on your map.)

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