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Storyline Quests have stopped

Hi I am pulling my hair out over this, when i got to the Castanic Beach and done those event quests for some reason my storyline quests ended and i dont know why, they all been going fine untill i done those event ones at that beach, shooting melons building sandcastles shooting a cannon running errands and getting horns, done all of those then storyline stops. Am i bugged or am i missing something? I have checked everywhere on the map and do not see any red quest markers anywhere... please help as i do not want to restart my character. BTW im on the PVE server my character name is Paxtrax - Male Archer level 51


  • Those were the summer festival quests, that is now over.

  • Ok so why have my storyline red quests ended?

  • Aside from the Beach stuff, what was the last story quest you did? My guess is in all the changes, your quest chain got broken, so the next step is to figure out what should come next and see if you can pick it up.

  • The previous story quest was kicking that annoying lil kid Killians butt then i spoke with Elleon then i had those beach event quests to do,, so after that there was no more storyline....yet on my other chars i did not have this problem, so that means my character has somehow been bugged since the latest update..

  • The quest to actually kill Killian is usually a bit later than level 51 these days. Or do you mean the earlier run in, where Thulsa calls him away and you just slaughter some minions?

  • Happy to say my storyline quests are back, still no idea why they stopped but all good now :D

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