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caiman portals

has anybody else noticed that they are not showing up very much lately? I do all the green quests for leveling and I usually get min 6 of them but for the past 2 days 00 .
did they nerf them without telling us or do I just have bad luck. ask for input from other players to verify...


  • It seems to be RNG on top of RNG. The other day, I got zero while last night, I got two within 30 minutes of each other. I'm not specifically grinding these either; just doing it for a short (1 hour) period if I decide to do the Sienna Canyon dailies. On average with the level 67 desert basilisks, it has been around 1 (with portal spawn) every 30 minutes if I'm grouping them 4-5 at a time. Also, only once (first time when the patch dropped) did the golden larvae spawn inside.

  • VenpaiVenpai ✭✭✭

    it's just random. idk about kaiator, but on the velika server there's always an lfg for people grinding the desert basilisks specifically for the caiman portals. and because you're pulling so many monsters at once and killing them so quickly in a group, it feels like they show up more often than if you're solo grinding and killing like 2 or 3 monsters at one go. but even if you get one, it doesn't even guarantee a portal. which is kinda dumb lmao.

  • found my first tonight...sheer dumb luck...by the contaminated fangthingies (lots of eyeballs 2 arms essinian (sp) crest by butterfly hell. I liked it. Had fun.

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