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Labrinth Of Terror

Hey guys ever since i was in the Labrinth of Terror and about to fight Crimson Arzakaar i lost my connection to internet but now everytime no matter what channel i use when i get there to that point the boss is not there yet the quest marker shows where he should be it is just empty space, no boss!!. Does the boss respawn if i wait long enough? btw im doing it as solo quest.


  • I have the some problem. The boss isn't there.. Probably a bug of some sort...

  • VenpaiVenpai ✭✭✭

    it sounds like you're going to have to reset the dungeon. if press enter to bring up the chatbox and type /reset and press enter, it'll reset the entire dungeon and should bring the boss back. you will have to do the dungeon again up to that point tho

  • It is ok now i sent a support ticket and they fixed it

  • Nope still the same for a whole year wow does tera even fix stuff
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