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Daily log in event end time?



  • The simplest solution to the time zone/partial day issue would've been to have the start and end days be extra time. So the event runs for 14 -entire- days, plus a bit of extra time the day it started (since it didn't start until the afternoon after a maintenance IIRC) and the day it ended. If there was some technical quirk preventing having 14 rewards handed out over a duration some server system saw as 15 or 16 days, just have the last 2 rewards be some small fluff like the daily elite box gives.

    If nothing else, this idea could save some headaches for the next login event (which given the state of the login reward calendar at the moment should probably become a regular occurrence, if not outright replacement to that system.)

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    i happy with the 14 login rewards but why cant they be achievable over 15 so its achievable

    the one thing i liked about the calendar was if you were able to only log in a few days and can work with that you some times could at least log in for what you were wanting in the calendar rather than log in to all just to get day XXX

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    @LXDA3JNLLK said:

    item was in webshop at begining of event, no reason for them to remove it / ofuscate it. I shouldn't have to troll through various shops in multiple locations to find it. The problem on point is CONSISTANCY, CLARITY, and COMPITANCY all under which my point is relevant, as all are lacking.

    Ticket BOMB support.

    Perhaps they just might learn from their mistakes if their customers get vocal?

    Look, this problem is almost certainly because they added other school cosmetics to the store and that pushed it off the home page without their knowledge. I'll let them know, but this is hardly some sort of conspiracy or profound evil that warrants storming the gates. You won't "teach anyone a lesson" you'll just cause more burden for the support staff who had nothing to do it while increasing the ticket wait times for everyone else (when the solution to your "problem" was already stated).

    Edit: In case anyone else needs it for now, here's the direct link:

    It can be found in the Featured section

    But only the first 8 items get shown on the home page and the new school items pushed it off to page 2.

    Edit 2: They've now added it right to the top of the Consumables section so it's easier to find:

  • Agreed this is total bs I have to be at work real early in the morning so I get screwed out of the event. Plus the did an awful job of even advertising it I had no idea it started plus the give such a small window to complete it. BS developers!

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