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Sad State of Tera

Came back to tera aster being gone for a fairly long time only to find out tera has taken everything that was great about it and tossed it in the trash. Whats with this chance for gear to brake if its fails to update. tera was one of the few games out there that didn't have this bull **** so called. how are ppl ment to enjoy the game is they have bad rng. id rather have a chance to plus that strait up unclear rather then a chance to damage my gear and be set back over and over again.


  • When the gears "breaks" you don't lose it (as of now the only gear with this type of system is the pvp one but we are getting them later this year for the pve ones) you can still use it but you have to repair it if you want to keep enchanting.Tera already had the fail system back then, but it was much more "forgiving" compared to the new one, but there's really nothing we can do but wait or quit.

  • We need tera 2 or tera remake. The engine is quite outdated and new the developer are trying to milk the player instead bring love to the game.

    Tera have the potential to be better game than wow/eso/gw2/ffxiv but they ruined it.
  • MargaretRoseMargaretRose ✭✭✭✭✭

    Could have updated the engine to Unreal 4 and made it 64 bits.
    Instead we'll have AIR, which doesn't have TERA's combat system.
    One of the main parts that made TERA successful.
    BHS is an odd company.

  • RKCRKC ✭✭✭

    Yah I stopped playing tera the moment they needed a freaking 30GB update. The enchantment system is just wack and the economy is just bad. In the end tera will always be the game of my games but now it's just in a sad state. I want to play again but maybe when I get better internet. 3rd world country internet is expensive and slow.

  • I'm going to agree with you that Tera is in a sad state right now. I just came back since being away for over a year. I wasn't happy when they introduced Avatar weapons because it made the game too easy. Now they removed them but the gear you get from just quests seems to be OP now or mobs are scaled down. And most of the old quests are gone.

    They seem to have done something, or nothing, with crafting because ALL of my old crafting mats are worthless now. I made over 100k just by selling the old mats to the vendors which is insane. Is crafting even around anymore?

    Worst of all seems to be that they have made classes just like WoW classic classes with resource starvation for some reason. Wtf would they change the fun of the classes to make them resource starved? I just tried playing a Mystic and was running out of mana so fast and this is between levels 1 - 20. I don't remember any class having resource problems except tanks with the dodge/block mechanic depleting while being used. Why would they make classes resource starved? This is not WoW classic so lets keep it that way and bring back the old way please.

    I originally left when they introduced the first, non-original, class and it was gender locked. I hate gender locking with a passion. One class I can deal with but every new class being female is just stupid. Then they decide to throw us players, that want a male class, the Brawler of all classes. Wtf makes them think a tank class is the class to do that with? Should've been a dps class imo.

    Tera use to be so fun to play but Korean game makers don't give one flying [email protected]%k about NA gamers and they seem to gut their games as the years go by and not return what they gutted. I'm pretty sure I am done with Korean games. Even though they have some of the most beautiful graphics and best gameplay the gutting that leads to an entirely different game then the one from launch, gender locking classes, streamlining below max level so you do minimal quests and so get no meat and potatoes, endgame being everything and anything low level is treated as trash, and the loli BS fan boi companies just makes me sick. So tired of loving what they release and hating what they change and turn it into.

  • ChristinChristin ✭✭✭✭
    edited September 2019

    You're right. It's a sad state. Forums are in a sad state as well. Even the one EME employee that stated they visit the forums doesn't even bother to post anymore.

  • at least you don't lose the gear. its just broken and repairable.

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