[TERA Console] Maintenance to deploy the v86.01 update is scheduled for Monday, September 14 at 7 p.m. PT. Patch notes: http://bit.ly/terac_v86
[TERA PC & Console] En Masse is closing, but TERA lives on! We will continue to support TERA PC (NA) and TERA Console until services are transferred. Our Service Moving Info page is now live here: https://bit.ly/tera_service_moving

Tera server Down 8h20PM - PC



  • Will there be roolback?

  • Naru2008Naru2008 ✭✭✭✭

    @ChakNense said:
    Will there be roolback?

    No there's currently no plan for a rollback.

  • @Naru2008 disse:

    @ChakNense said:
    Will there be roolback?

    No there's currently no plan for a rollback.

    Ok, ty!

  • edited September 2019

    PvE Server will come back up shortly.

    We have decided on the following for compensation, which will be sent out to anyone who logs in from now until September 12 0700 UTC.
    1x Adventure Coin 400
    1x Adventure Coin 800
    1x TERA Rewards Loot Box 3

    edit: Once per account, not per server.

  • it says server isnt up yet instead of its unavailable message so theres hope

  • skip the adventure coins i have every single one so far unused

    One issue i can see is this delay may screw Starc timing
    if its a set time and not determined by server start time,thats ok
    If its based on 6 hourly inteverals from when server starts,then itll throw timing out,mae maybe half available outside my on time,compared to just Kaitor one atm

  • 20 mins after server supposed to be up and nothing and no new post on maintenance thread. HHMMMMM...................

  • on the server status web page it changed from Down to Under maintenance,for last 20 mins or so

  • Deep breath everyone, they are doing what they can to get the servers up.

    Don’t go through life so salty, you will only be left with regrets.
  • Wasted day off

  • Naru2008Naru2008 ✭✭✭✭

    @J4M57397WA said:
    FIRE THEM its getting really old Fire Them!!!

    I'm going to assume you're a ban-evading alt. Cause at this point, it's getting old.

  • is the server up?

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