Cant run the game after the maintenance..........

When i click Play in the tera launcher the game just crash... wtf is happening now..


  • by logging in the launcher and nothing happens, nothing can I do... I can't even click play

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    One thing you can try is running a repair through the options menu in the EME Launcher, which will hash check all your files and fix anything that's corrupt.

    If not that, the most common cause for crashes after clicking play is typically either something to do with a mod, locked config files, or something like that. (Things that can't be fixed in a repair because they weren't done by the launcher/installer.)

    If you're having trouble starting the launcher at all (like it goes to start but just disappears from the tray), the most common cause for that is either some sort of interference from a running VPN or an issue with antivirus or firewall software.

    If you remain stuck, I recommend gathering your diagnostic logs and then sending a ticket to support.

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    Hello again
    i solve my problem. I just had to install "EnMasse Launcher" and log in from there

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    What a marvelous "new" launcher we got.

  • nothing works for me.. thanks for the help tho.

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