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What Dimension/Universe did the Titans run from

If I recall correctly, the Titans escaped from one dimension into the realm of Arborea and made everything in the empty dimension/universe in their sleep.

If creatures as powerful as the titans ran away from a warring dimension/universe, what was it like? Why hasn't anything of the same power as the titans come through to follow them. Surely if there where things as powerful as them, the wards around the planet/sleeping titans could be bypassed or shattered.

I'd like to see more about the titan's past and possibly a new zone/expansion in the old universe they ran from.
If anyone has more information on this please do share.


  • DeusFurtaDeusFurta ✭✭
    edited September 2019

    I just figured out that this was a thing.
    Even though it's not cannon, thinking of TERA as an Outer Plane is kind of a cool idea :)

    I think in the quest line for Manaya there is some more information but that might just be of her dimension.

  • Well isn't the mystra multiverse multiple infinite sized? Something like 6 dimensional in size. It could very well be in it. After all, the nine hells alone are infinite layered.

  • I mean if Tera was part of the D&D multiverse, all your enemies wouldn't seem quite so threatening when Someone like asmodeus could wipe half the multiverse out on a whim.

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