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So about that dragon boat...



  • It's not JUST 25 bahaars, its also 25 DFH and 25 GVH per week. I personally like bahaar and gvh, but dfh is really boring for me. It honestly does seem like an excessive number of runs when you factor in that even among the high levels (i'm one of them) people don't necessarily play these dungeons well. So just trying to do 4-5 runs a day will literally take 4-5 hours if you're lucky. That really is a ton of time spent per day trying to get the item. There are a limited number of people who have highly experienced statics that they can run with and clear the dungeons in under 20 minutes. I also agree that it is unfair that there is no way for lower level players to participate. Even though I am capable of getting the mount if I no-life it, I know how it feels to be the low level who cant get [filtered]. The rewards for the lower tiers are ok, but it still seems pretty cancer to run even dfn 25 times. The idea of the event is nice, but the execution? Not so much.

  • Ironically, DFH is my favorite...you can be lazy in it lol. But yeah I do agree with you, even if you have the skill and ilvl, it takes a considerable amount of time to get the mount, I really hope they add another method to get it in the future as well (something easier if possible)

  • @39HATFDXLY said:
    I really hope they add another method to get it in the future as well (something easier if possible)

    I do but I don't. Because if they do its a big kick in the knee to everyone that spent soooo much extra time farming to get the mount.

    Also, does anyone have any clue what the stats of this mount are going to be? I'm trying to figure out if its worth it. From looks alone, maybe not. But if it can actually be used on water like that photo suggests, then I might try hard for it loool.

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