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Missing quests and quest log issue

Server: Velika
Char name: Renfri
Class/Level: Valkyrie 66
Race: Castanic female

A few weeks back, after a scheduled maintenance, my quest log became a bit jumbled. My "For the Federation!" tab with multiple dailies and some other quests disappeared from the active log. Some of those quests were marked as "Not Yet Unlocked". Now, I don't have this tab, my fully completed Apex quest tab still appears in my log, even if I don't have the check on show only completed quests, I have two fishing quest tabs, one with completed, other with unfinished quests.
The biggest problem though is that I never received the Red Refuge quest from Seir after hitting lv 65. As I understand, that's the starting point for whole range of dungeons and quests. My other characters got it without a problem, after hitting 65. So without this quest, I can't continue the storyline.
I did, however, receive and complete Thaumetal refinery and Velik's hold.

Here's the screens of how my log looks currently


  • Same issue here, I recently reached item level required for Bahaar, receiving screen pop up. Quest also appeared at the overlay quest log, however isn't present in Quest Log itself. Clicking the quest on the overaly opens Quest Log with blank page. It seems whole tab with [Dungeon] related quests is missing.

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