how do I get new lvl 1-64 weapons now?

I'm a lvl 49 priest and I am still stuck with a lvl 32 weapon. Needless to say I'm kinda stuck now. I ran necromancer tomb 3 times and the dungeons before as well (in groups, since solo doesn't give xp anymore it seems), but never did a priest weapon drop for me. How exactly do I get new weapons in this new system, and why for crying out loud did they change it in the first place?


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    Doing the story quests seemed to hand one to me regularly. Killing mobs outside of dungeons gave me dozens more. (Though, in all fairness, I was doing the yellow zone quests to see if anything had change. Little had in terms of text, but do they give you gold and various tokens and materials in abundance now. As in, easily get 15k+ just from doing those by level 55, and that being with skipping like half the areas.)

    So pretty much kill mobs, any kind of mob, outside of a dungeon and you should get a weapon drop before long (if your luck doesn't utterly hate you anyway). It doesn't even need to be BAMs.

    If you want to get them from dungeon bosses then you need to have RNGesus smile on you. At least we should already have the patch where the drops are limited to what is actually in the group.

    Why did they change them? Because there were endless complaints about how they made dungeon drops worthless, so they are the only drops in town now.

    There is also the aspect how you can consider their new form conditioning for what you can look forward to with the level 68+ gear, since the whole random effect, dismantle for mats, enchant what has the right stats is what you can look forward to there. Just, you know, worse in every way, but people kept talking about wanting the old systems back, so that is what is happening too.

  • go kill the level 45 basilisks or go to frontera and kill the ovalisks to get the weapon shards

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