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What happened to the Argon questline (Lv. 58 - Lv. 60)? There's a bunch of Story missions missing!

So I was trying to wrap up all my story missions, and while trying to get to the last chain of events before the "Fate of Arun" expansion, I couldn't help but notice... they were gone. I had no more quests left. That couldn't be right as I remember there being a crapton of quests and cutscenes missing in regards to the Argons! What happened? Is this a bug or did Krafton seriously remove another major questline from the game for no reason?


  • HopeandHonorHopeandHonor ✭✭
    edited October 2019

    The level requirement of it was changed, to 63-64, so it comes after the northern arun quest-line
    It was not removed

  • EllexemEllexem ✭✭✭

    They were not removed, they were shuffled around and had some wording and flow updates. First visit, Cleansing Tirkai, is now at level 35. You then are shuffled back to the cultists refugee quests. You do the other half of the first Argon zone (Building a Mysterium) not long after that, inserted into the Fraya's Fury stuff at level 47.

    Three Towers and Sole Survivor should be part of the Hope and Despair arc at around level 57.

    The other Argon zones seem to be placed after you've finished the Val Oriyn arc, where you're sent over to Zulfikar Fortress. The area was updated to be level 64.

    This was listed in the patch notes.

    It's detailed in the spoiler under the aptly named "The level(s) of the Argon War storyline quests have shifted to present that content more effectively" bullet point.

    I'm unsure of if you can do them at a higher level, since I currently don't have a character that is still missing them. They might have been auto-completed for you, which you should be able to check on by toggling the "Show only completed story quests" in your quest log. They've messed around with auto-removal of lower level story quests from the Quest Log at the very least with that update.

  • I think some of the quests were auto completed on higher level characters, and that's why there was an achievement spam on a lot of characters after logging in after that patch, but I forgot that Tirkai was dropped, I just knew that Zulfikar Fortress, and Manayas core quest was raised

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