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Constantly freezing and crashing, trying to fix for months

So I have been playing Tera for approx 6 months, and ever since day 1 I would constantly get game freezes and crashes when in towns (ie Highwatch or Velika) about 90% of the time. The other 10% would be in caimen raids for example.

I have done my research and believe me when I say this, I have exhausted it ALL!...

Details of the "freezes and crashes" are simply this.
The game would freeze, background sounds and music still running but getting broken up, and the inevitable crash would follow if I left it untouched for a min or so. If I would ctrl-alt-del in an effort to bring up task manager and cancel out again, most of the time it would unfreeze and I could continue on until the next freeze/crash (more than once every game if I stayed in the same area). Sometimes I am not so lucky and the game will crash to desktop without and error message, but sometimes with the "out of memory error" that we have all heard about.

Details of my rig

i78700k co 4.8 aio liquid cooling
64gb ddr4 3000mhz ram under xmp1 profile
500gb m2 nvme ssd (os/c:)
2x 250gb sata ssds (t-force), one of which holds my steam and all it's games such as Tera
MSI radeon Vega 64 reference (oc)

Other details that probably don't pertain but who knows

240hz freesync gaming monitor
Soundblaster AE5 dedicated soundcard
Focusrite external audio interface that powers my AT2020 xlr mic
Peripherals such as a razor gamepad (yes I tried to disconnect due to the researched memory leak) no change; and my arcade stick for SFV (tried the same troubleshooting, same result).

Now, I have tried everything I can think of including but not limited to...

-disabling all oc
-installing on main nvme ssd (with and without steam)
-disconnecting gaming accessories
-modifying the ini file
-setting up a graphics profile for Tera via my radeon software (to try and limit cpu load)
-installing process lasso and disabling hyperthreading for Tera specifically
-swapping out memory sticks
-dropping in game settings (relieves some memory, but the issue would eventually surface)
-forcing dx9 and use of all cores via steam launch options
-adding exceptions through anti virus (windows defender), and also disabling the anti virus and firewall entirely
-and I am sure I am forgetting a lot of other troubleshooting attempts that I have made.

Of all the research I have made, I have become very aware that "memory leaks" have affected lots of users, but situation seems to be a bit more rare.

I found one other guy who was experiencing the same thing but with a gtx1080 instead, leading me to give up the idea that it might be AMD related.

I don't even care about the low fps in areas as I know that is our sufferage due to the game being a 32bit application for god knows whatever reason.
I just wish I didn't have to sit there and squint in anticipation of the game freezing and crashing every time I try to play.

*of note, I could be out doing quests etc and be okay for hours, but when I hit town (which we all do in mmos) is for the majority of the time...when sh;t hits the fan...:/

I can go to channel 2 in highwatch for example and be decently okay for most of the time (will still freeze/crash once in a while though), but at that point I am an outcast and basically playing a single player game.

I can do dungeons with a party and usually be okay, actually it almost never crashes in dungeons (very minimal although it has happened), I can do even a good amount of raids (where the fps tanks hard) and still hold without freezing (but again it can happen and has, even today).
I just gotta say that again, most of the time, it is in either highwatch or velika (so far), I can literally reproduce the issue whenever I want by simply stepping foot inside of those zones, or pushing a raid hard.

Any ideas out there? I am stumped! I love the game, but this stuff is really getting to me because I feel like I have to push it aside because I can't play it :/



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    I should also add that I have monitored my temps (all good) and core usage (yes two cores showing higher than the rest but nothing alarming), my memory seems to go MUCH higher than most users (as of the research I have done)...it goes upward of 2.7-2.9gb usage at it's highest via task manager when in those busy areas. Outside of cities, the mem usage seems to about 2.3max (when it freezes or crashes the least).
    Most of the research I have done has people stating that their usage stays below 2gb as it should due to it being a 32bit game. But I wonder if it's because I have so much ram installed that my usage forces itself high?...
    But I did try with 32gb of ddr4 at 2666mhz without xmp, and still same result...so... shoulder shrug

  • Okay, so what I have noticed today is that the mem usage doesn't seem to spike up anymore than again 2.9 during the freeze (while checking with task manager), but my systems fans etc ramp up (as if just starting a new game ie gpu/cpu load). But when I alt-ctrl-del and escape and cancel, everything settles down again, I can most of the time, continue my game until the next freeze.

    Is it possible this is related to my wifi card? I am on 5gz at 600down and 25up. It's the only item of my pc that might be a bit more "unique" than other people with Tera issues. It's a killer 1505 wifi card and serves me well on every other game/application.
    Is there a setting I should change regarding network in the Tera file? (in an attempt to determine if this is the issue).

    Again, the issue is persistent in heavy loaded areas such as cities and raids, so it could either be graphical (tried everything I could think of), or something to do with network load...

    I don't see my cpu jumping much during this either, but will keep a close eye with HW monitor.

    Looking for any ideas here guys, if I had hair...I would be pulling it out!

  • So my temps seem to be pretty consistent fluctuating from 65-80 (not the best, but the game burns two cores with the load) during game play running around in highwatch channel 1 (medium occupancy).
    But when the "freeze" happens, is when the temps start to climb a few degrees until I alt-tab-ctrl and cancel out.

    My network connection seems to hold solid, so I don't think it's that...

    What in the actual heck is going on? I can't help but think it's something simple that I have been over looking...
    Unless it's simply communication between my ram and cpu with this specific motherboard, but all other games...no issue.

    I am using an Alienware aurora r7 for what it's worth. This is the ONLY game I have ever had issues with, and it's gotta be due to it being both 32bit and dx9. But being on windows 10 64bit and using a graphics card capable of running dx9, none of this makes logical sense to me.

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    Attached are images of HW monitor and GPU-z readings during my standing still in highwatch. If I start to run around, it will freeze within a minute.


  • Honestly, it's almost impossible to know what's causing it from here, other than to say that obviously it shouldn't be happening. A lot of people hang out in the cities for hours with much less-powerful rigs. The thing I would have guessed from what I've seen in the past is that there can be additional overhead if an aggressive file scanner was trying to inspect every file when the game needed it (as when you get to the city there are a lot of models the game needs to load constantly), but given that you said you already said you tried disabling security software, it doesn't seem to be that. The other thing I would have mentioned from past experience was to unplug absolutely every USB device except the keyboard, but it seems you might have tried that.

    Only thing I can think to try is to try clean-booting the system with nothing running but the bare minimum and TERA just to confirm it makes no difference, but I'm not sure that it will. Also you might try uninstalling/disabling all motherboard utilities and any "game overlays" (Discord, AMD whatever), including anything that tries to do any sort of game performance adjustments -- basically try to get the computer to as "blank" of a state as possible to reduce anything that might interfere. I remember after upgrading this machine I had to try multiple formats/reinstalls and all sorts of craziness until I discovered that it was motherboard manufacturer's own utilities that were causing crashes, but who knows what it might be in your case.

    I wish you the best of luck in any case.

  • Thanks for the reply,

    I havent tried unplugging my audio interface, webcam, etc...just the gaming peripherals. But the memory doesn't seem to be "leaking" it sits at 2.3-.25 when functioning properly (outside of cities and raids), so I doubt anything is causing a leak.

    I have reinstalled this game many times, on different drives with and without steam and got the same result.

    When I launch games, I typically have nothing running in the background, especially with Tera.

    It's such a bizzare issue I have here.

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    @5WG9CLR9R4 said:
    I havent tried unplugging my audio interface, webcam, etc...just the gaming peripherals. But the memory doesn't seem to be "leaking" it sits at 2.3-.25 when functioning properly (outside of cities and raids), so I doubt anything is causing a leak.

    You can't get much higher than that anyway because it's a 32-bit game. Once it reaches the memory limit, it'll probably just crash. So it still could be a memory leak and reaching the limit even at those levels. I'd definitely try unplugging absolutely everything (and running in safe mode to turn off absolutely everything you can) just to eliminate causes. Even if you have no programs openly running in the background, there are tons of drivers and utilities that run their services anyway.

    I have reinstalled this game many times, on different drives with and without steam and got the same result.

    Yeah, what I meant is last time I had an issue like this I had to reinstall the whole OS many times to try to narrow it down until I finally found it. So yeah, troubleshooting these things can be a pain.

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    Deff not installing the OS over again, as the problem is directly related to Tera. If I was having issues outside of it, possibly...

    Yes, good point regarding the memory. Again from the research I have done, most people say there memory usage doesn't exceed even 2gb, so it's possible I guess.
    What if the issue is linked to my keyboard/mouse? Da fudge do I do then? lol (Alienware gaming keyboard/mouse)

    Perhaps some folks could do me a favor? Post what your memory usage reads in game with medium to high settings? (yes I already tried dropping all settings, but admittedly...I think I remember the crash taking slightly longer to surface...hmmm)

    At lowest, when questing (just me and the mobs), I will see about 1.7gb of usage. But in town, even without a population (ch2 highwatch for example), it would easily exceed 2gb. With more players and running around (creating stress on the system), it will exceed 2.7.

    Would be unfortunate if I had to unplug certain peripherals just to play Tera (because I use them for other games).

    Would disabling via device manager suffice? for trial and error...Or is an actual physical disconnect required?

    Still open to ideas outside of memory leaks as well though folks, but it is sure looking grim...

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    My Tera's memory usage goes about 2-2.5gb in Highwatch, iv never experienced what youre havin though, my setting is high, everything is max except for shadow, effect and lurid display.

    Also i have 16gb of RAM.

    Hope you get your game fixed soon c: Perhaps you can try and reset your S1 files or something, like delete the S1 files and let the game download the new ones.

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    Already tried resetting the s1 like 3 billion times :/.
    Its gotta be some memory issue or compatibility issue with my vega 64 graphics. But I know there are many users with AMD graphics and no issues.

    So stumped.

    The thing that I don't understand is that if it was a memory leak, or graphics compatibility issue...Why am I able to go quest for hours without the memory usage slowly counting upward and resulting in a crash?

    It's when there is a lot of activity from other users that the issue seems so persistent. Also what rationale does the effort of ctrl-alt-del and cancel out temporarily relief the issue for me? That really makes no logical sense...

    Like perhaps it is memory somehow and the action of ctrl-alt-del temporarily "removes" the game from the forefront essentially relieving memory?

    It's so hard to troubleshoot without something logical to focus on...
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    I am actually using an AMD card, is a RX470, it works perfectly though.

    My CPU is an i7 2600 if it matters.

    Have you tried switching from borderless to fullscreen back and forth and see if it does anything?

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    It's sad because I did spend a lot of money on emp etc (because I like the game and support it), but it's almost quite literally unplayable and my faith in it "fixing itself" has gone.

    The new content comes in a couple days too...


    Its deff something specific to Tera, either the 32bit client or dx9, as literally every other game I throw at my PC, it handles without a hitch.

    I am leaning toward the 32bit client side as dx9 obviously has no issues while I seamlessly quest if I avoid busy "hub areas" or raids.
    But those are two major factors in any repetuble mmo...
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    The only things i can suggest right now are to make an exception for the whole Tera folder in your Antivirus setting as it used to be the work around for the massive stutter/crashes for most people (and me), and maybe turn down your aeriel to 1 to get rid of the sun (if yours is at 2) because that also used to cause alot of stuttering for some people (Not me though but thats what i heard)

    Other than that, you might have to jump onto their discord if you want more opinions as the forums is rather slow nowadays, its kinda abandonned, best of luck : )

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    Did the anti virus folder exception already as well...:/

    Going to try and downclock my GPU in hope's that maybe makes a difference? Maybe Tera has an issue with the speed of the HBM memory that the Vega series of Radeon card use?

    Almost going to have to accept that I will have to move on.
  • Well under clocking the gpu didn't change anything either.

    Desperate for a resolution here.

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