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Will we be able to convert gear between Dark Light and Annihilation in the future?

If I was to buy a Dark Light (for instance) weapon off the broker, would I be able to convert it later to Annihilation in upcoming patches? Im a bit curious since some classes doesn't seem to make much sense with the current gear drops (i.e classes like ninja are entirely magical almost, but have the option for annihilation gear)

Also I have one other question, do you have to have gear to +15 blue to upgrade to yellow? thanks :)


  • so far as can be seen, there wont be any swapping one to the other. the whole system now is set up to be "grind for what you need". and there is no upgrading from gear to higher gear with the new gear. so +15 blue gear cant upgrade to any sort of the yellow

  • Based on the K-TERA dev notes (at least with their existing philosophy), the design I believe is intended for the foreseeable future; it's a layer of RNG when it comes to what rolls for damage type (magical or physical). Same with not being able to re-roll the random line properties and being unable to upgrade to the next tier. The one not for your class gives you options (sell for gold or salvage for materials). It can still be equipped (like benefiting from more defense and physical/magic resistance with the armor for example) though it won't be optimal for maximizing damage if not the primary damage type for the class.

    The overlap with existing Stormcry/Heroic Oath is not a complete 1:1 thing either (I've found damage mitigation better with the new blue armor at base for example even though my item level decreases compared to SC+9 pieces - so I usually only use my SC chest but equip the blues one for hand/feet on Exodor - I switch back to my SC pieces for VG's to continue earning item XP on them since they have that plan in the future for utilizing HO pieces for fodder with that higher tier they eventually want to implement). Basically, it is sort of meant to give people trying to get best in slot, something to farm for (I'm not a fan of too many layers of RNG like how they've implemented it though).

    Part of the design has an intended cash shop element to it (for both them and publisher to earn revenue) since it will take a lot of feedstock (and eventually gold) to upgrade to even +10 (don't even want to think about +15) since enchanting is weighted more towards failure than success (I already failed 5 times trying to enchant to just +1 on one piece of my blue gear so I can imagine how it will be with yellow gear). That's why the Jagged Federation Crate exists (targeted at impatient folks who cannot get enough from the in-game methods). It's also why they made the gear bind on equip (tradeable) and able to liberate up to 5 times. Liberation scrolls will end up being good sellers as well once players start progressing through their equipment.

  • just wait 2 week and buy superior set cheap ...

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