Where is the official ping compensation promised by EME and Bluehole over a year ago?

Its been over a year now and nothing has been done at all even though they promised to do something about it. https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/29436/moving-forward-post-dmca-takedown#latest

'we are actively communicating with Bluehole to identify solutions to underlying problems that Proxy solved for these players.'

An entire year now EME. Where is it. The game still has ping issues and still runs badly where is the fix.


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    Thanks, I needed the laugh.
    Honestly, wasn't this expected?

  • Good question. Since this note, a lot of UI mods is now official game integrated, but "proxy" is more hard, it will probably take a while before they announce something equivalent to the proxy. We would be happier if they be more transparent about what they are doing but we can't count on iton it.

  • they won't admit it, but like a lot of things, they simply have no idea how to move forward doing this. So they just don't and hope that anyone who cared would just go away or stop playing with this [filtered] new patch. Lets be honest bro, they're just a bunch of lazy dudes in an office somewhere waiting for us suckers to pay their bills by buying Summersilks for our elins so they can go home and not talk to their wives. They don't care about making the game better

  • why do they vary anything about it?
    even without fixing anything they make a lot of money from some players.

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    What do you mean? They're allowing proxy. Problem solved. Duh.

  • That is the most American post topic I have seen.
  • @MargaretRose said:

    Thanks, I needed the laugh.
    Honestly, wasn't this expected?


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    > @MargaretRose said:
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    > Thanks, I needed the laugh.
    > Honestly, wasn't this expected?

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